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21800Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-05-12Re: [tied] Re: Everything except the kitchen sink
21801alex_lycos2003-05-12Re: [tied] Re: palatalized k again
21802mbikqyres2003-05-12Re: Alb. "maj"
21803alex_lycos2003-05-12Re: [tied] Roman Military Diploma
21804alex_lycos2003-05-12Re: [tied]Nestor Chronic ( it was Re: cardinal points)
21805alex_lycos2003-05-12Re: [tied]tall as an palm ( it was Re: cardinal points)
21807alex_lycos2003-05-12Re: [tied] Palatalization
21808m_iacomi2003-05-12[tied]tall as an palm ( it was Re: cardinal points)
21809george knysh2003-05-12Re: [tied]Nestor Chronic ( it was Re: cardinal points)
21810Abdullah Konushevci2003-05-12Re: Alb. "maj"
21811alex_lycos2003-05-12Re: [tied]Nestor Chronic ( it was Re: cardinal points)
21812m_iacomi2003-05-12Re: [tied] Palatalization
21813alex_lycos2003-05-12Re: [tied] Palatalization
21814P&G2003-05-12Re: [tied] Re: Latin diphthongs
21815tolgs0012003-05-12Re: Palatalization
21816george knysh2003-05-12Re: [tied]Nestor Chronic ( it was Re: cardinal points)
21817Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-12Re: [tied] Re: Final voicing (3)
21818alex_lycos2003-05-12Re: [tied]Nestor Chronic ( it was Re: cardinal points)
21819alex_lycos2003-05-12Re: [tied] Re: Palatalization
21820george knysh2003-05-13Re: [tied]Nestor Chronic ( it was Re: cardinal points)
21821Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2003-05-13Re: The sectors of ablaut.
21822Glen Gordon2003-05-13Re: [tied] Re: Got to thinkin' about word order
21823Glen Gordon2003-05-13Re: [tied] Re: Got to thinkin' about word order
21824Glen Gordon2003-05-13Re: [tied] Re: Everything except the kitchen sink
21825Glen Gordon2003-05-13Re: [tied] Re: The sectors of ablaut.
21826S & L2003-05-13Re: Ban_Pan
21827Piotr Gasiorowski2003-05-13In case you're missing your moderator
21828m_iacomi2003-05-13[tied] Re: Trajan's column
21829g2003-05-13Re: Ban_Pan
21830Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-05-13Re: [tied] Re: Everything except the kitchen sink
21831Glen Gordon2003-05-13Re: [tied] Re: Everything except the kitchen sink
21832george knysh2003-05-13Re: [tied] Re: Trajan's column
21833alex_lycos2003-05-13Alb. "dirt"
21834alex_lycos2003-05-13PIE *ghe(n)d
21835Brian M. Scott2003-05-13Re: [tied] PIE *ghe(n)d
21836Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-13Re: [tied] PIE *ghe(n)d
21837Abdullah Konushevci2003-05-13Re: Alb. "dirt"
21838Brian M. Scott2003-05-13Re[2]: [tied] PIE *ghe(n)d
21839Abdullah Konushevci2003-05-13Re: PIE *ghe(n)d
21840Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2003-05-14[tied] Re: Everything except agreement
21841Michael J Smith2003-05-141st declension or Neuter?
21842Michael J Smith2003-05-14Re: [tied] Re: Latin diphthongs
21843aquila_grande2003-05-14Re: 1st declension or Neuter?
21844alex_lycos2003-05-14Re: [tied] Re: Alb. "dirt"
21845Peter P2003-05-14Re: 1st declension or Neuter?
21846Abdullah Konushevci2003-05-14[tied] Re: Alb. "dirt"
21847Abdullah Konushevci2003-05-14[tied] Re: Alb. "dirt"
21848Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-14Re: [tied] 1st declension or Neuter?
21849tgpedersen2003-05-14Re: In case you're missing your moderator
21850tgpedersen2003-05-14Re: Got to thinkin' about word order
21851tolgs0012003-05-14Re: PIE *ghe(n)d
21852tolgs0012003-05-14Re: PIE *ghe(n)d
21853tolgs0012003-05-14Re: PIE *ghe(n)d
21854S & L2003-05-14Re: Ban_Pan_
21855S & L2003-05-14Pan_Trubachev
21856Brandon2003-05-14etymology Madhyadesha
21857anthonyappleyard2003-05-14Re: etymology Madhyadesha
21858Piotr Gasiorowski2003-05-14Re: [tied] etymology Madhyadesha
21859tgpedersen2003-05-14aha-m mi-k
21860Sergejus Tarasovas2003-05-14Re: [tied] Pan_Trubachev
21861tgpedersen2003-05-14copper again
21862Piotr Gasiorowski2003-05-14Re: [tied] Re: Alb. "dirt"
21863tolgs0012003-05-14Re: Ban_Pan_
21864tgpedersen2003-05-14seven and such
21865tgpedersen2003-05-14Re: [tied] PIE *ghe(n)d
21866m_iacomi2003-05-14[tied] Re: Trajan's column
21867tolgs0012003-05-14Re: PIE *ghe(n)d
21868Vassil Karloukovski2003-05-14b&dnik and buzmi (Re: bake)
21869Abdullah Konushevci2003-05-14[tied] Re: Alb. "dirt"
21870Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-05-14Marked nominative
21871Peter P2003-05-14Re: PIE *ghe(n)d
21872alex_lycos2003-05-14Re: [tied] Re: PIE *ghe(n)d
21873Brian M. Scott2003-05-14Re: [tied] Re: PIE *ghe(n)d
21874S & L2003-05-14Re: Ban_Proto-Bulgarian
21875alex_lycos2003-05-14Re: [tied] RE: Ban_Proto-Bulgarian
21876tolgs0012003-05-14Re: PIE *ghe(n)d
21877tolgs0012003-05-14Re: Ban_Proto-Bulgarian
21878tolgs0012003-05-14Re: Ban_Proto-Bulgarian
21879Daniel J. Milton2003-05-14Re: [tied] RE: Ban_Proto-Bulgarian
21880george knysh2003-05-15Re: [tied] Re: Trajan's column
21881alex_lycos2003-05-15Re: [tied] RE: Ban_Proto-Bulgarian
21882alex_lycos2003-05-15Re: [tied] Re: PIE *ghe(n)d
21883Piotr Gasiorowski2003-05-15[tied] Re: Trajan's column
21884Glen Gordon2003-05-15Re: [tied] Re: Everything except agreement
21885Glen Gordon2003-05-15Re: [tied] etymology Madhyadesha
21886Piotr Gasiorowski2003-05-15[tied] Re: Alb. "dirt"
21887Glen Gordon2003-05-15Re: [tied] Marked nominative
21888Piotr Gasiorowski2003-05-15Re: [tied] etymology Madhyadesha
21889nathrao2003-05-15Re: Marked nominative
21890Glen Gordon2003-05-15Re: [tied] Re: Marked nominative
21891m_iacomi2003-05-15[tied] Re: Trajan's column
21892tolgs0012003-05-15Re: PIE *ghe(n)d
21893george knysh2003-05-15Re: [tied] Re: Trajan's column
21894Brian M. Scott2003-05-15Re[2]: [tied] Re: Marked nominative
21895m_iacomi2003-05-15[tied] Re: Trajan's column
21896george knysh2003-05-15Re: [tied] Re: Trajan's column
21897Glen Gordon2003-05-15Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: Marked nominative
21898tolgs0012003-05-15Re: Trajan's column
21899Alwin K.2003-05-15Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: Marked nominative
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