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911:ym:2002-11-26Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Papyrus
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913xeeniseit2002-11-28a hangul-type script?
914:ym:2002-11-28Re: a hangul-type script?
915David Possin2002-11-28Re: a hangul-type script?
916:ym:2002-11-28Re: a hangul-type script?
917xeeniseit2002-11-29Re: a hangul-type script?
918qalam@yahoogroups.com2002-11-30New file uploaded to qalam
919qalam@yahoogroups.com2002-11-30New file uploaded to qalam
920qalam@yahoogroups.com2002-11-30New file uploaded to qalam
921:ym:2002-11-30Stenography [was: a hangul-type script?]
922xeeniseit2002-12-02Re: Stenography [was: a hangul-type script?]
923John Hudson2002-12-06Pre-Mayan script
924starner@...2002-12-12Welsh book on Runes?
925Michael Everson2002-12-13Re: Welsh book on Runes?
926starner@...2002-12-13Re: Welsh book on Runes?
927Alexandros Diamantidis2002-12-14Re: Welsh book on Runes?
928qalam@yahoogroups.com2002-12-22New file uploaded to qalam
929Seshat Trismegistos2002-12-23Spammer expelled (was: New file uploaded to qalam)
930Michael Everson2002-12-27Re: Non-Latin Fonts
931nicky 2003-01-04Phaistos disk
932nicky 2003-01-04what does qalam mean?
933nicky 2003-01-04qalam
934Peter T. Daniels2003-01-04Re: what does qalam mean?
935Robert Wheelock2003-01-05Re: what does qalam mean?
936nicky 2003-01-05Re: what does qalam mean?
937nicky 2003-01-05Irish spelling
938Pierpaolo BERNARDI2003-01-06Re: what does qalam mean?
939Sean O Seaghdha2003-01-06Re: Irish spelling
940Peter T. Daniels2003-01-06Re: Irish spelling
941Peter_Constable@...2003-01-06Re: Irish spelling
942Behnam.Esfahbod 2003-01-06ASCII-IPA
943Michael Everson2003-01-06Re: ASCII-IPA
944nicky 2003-01-07Re: Irish spelling
945nicky 2003-01-07Re: Irish spelling
946nicky 2003-01-07Re: Irish spelling
947Seshat Trismegistos2003-01-07Re: what does qalam mean?
948Michael Everson2003-01-07Re: what does qalam mean?
949Marco Cimarosti2003-01-08[Very OT] "You're with me always..."
950nicky 2003-01-09Merotic alphabet
951Peter T. Daniels2003-01-09Re: Merotic alphabet
952nicky 2003-01-10Re: Merotic alphabet
953Peter T. Daniels2003-01-10Re: Merotic alphabet
954nicky 2003-01-11Re: Merotic alphabet
955Michael Everson2003-01-11Re: Merotic alphabet
956nicky 2003-01-11Haarmann and the Greeks
957nicky 2003-01-12Celtiberian Script
958Peter T. Daniels2003-01-12Re: Celtiberian Script
959nicky 2003-01-12Re: Celtiberian Script
960Michael Everson2003-01-12The World's Writing Systems.
961nicky 2003-01-12Re: The World's Writing Systems.
962Peter T. Daniels2003-01-12Re: The World's Writing Systems.
963Peter T. Daniels2003-01-12Re: The World's Writing Systems.
964etaonsh 2003-01-12Re: Welsh book on Runes?
965Michael Everson2003-01-12Re: The World's Writing Systems.
966i18n2003-01-13Re: Welsh book on Runes?
967starner@...2003-01-13Re: Welsh book on Runes?
968Nicholas Bodley2003-01-13[OT] Overzealous spam filtering
969etaonsh 2003-01-13Re: Welsh book on Runes?
970seshattrismegistos 2003-01-13Re: [OT] Overzealous spam filtering
971Peter T. Daniels2003-01-13Re: The World's Writing Systems.
972Peter T. Daniels2003-01-13Re: Welsh book on Runes?
973etaonsh 2003-01-13Re: Irish spelling
974etaonsh 2003-01-13Re: Welsh book on Runes?
975Weiben Wang2003-01-13Re: Welsh book on Runes?
976Michael Everson2003-01-13Re: Welsh book on Runes?
977Michael Everson2003-01-13Re: Irish spelling
978John Cowan2003-01-13Re: Irish spelling
979starner@...2003-01-13Re: Welsh book on Runes?
980Nicholas Bodley2003-01-14Re: Irish spelling; software
981Marco Cimarosti2003-01-14Unicode trivia (RE: Irish spelling; software)
982etaonsh 2003-01-14Re: Irish spelling
983etaonsh 2003-01-14Re: Irish spelling
984John Cowan2003-01-14Re: Irish spelling
985Michael Everson2003-01-14Re: Irish spelling
986Michael Everson2003-01-14Re: Irish spelling
987Marco Cimarosti2003-01-14Re: Irish spelling
988Michael Everson2003-01-14Re: Irish spelling
989etaonsh 2003-01-15Re: Irish spelling
990etaonsh 2003-01-15Re: Irish spelling
991etaonsh 2003-01-15Re: Irish spelling
992etaonsh 2003-01-15Re: Irish spelling
993etaonsh 2003-01-15Chomsky
994etaonsh 2003-01-15Celtic enlightenment
995Nicholas Bodley2003-01-15Re: Irish spelling
996etaonsh 2003-01-15Re: Irish spelling
997Marco Cimarosti2003-01-15[OT] Quoting (was RE: Irish spelling)
998etaonsh 2003-01-15Re: [OT] Quoting (was RE: Irish spelling)
999Marco Cimarosti2003-01-15Re: [OT] Quoting (was RE: Irish spelling)
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