To me, Chomsky is the genius behind
the coining of the word
'psycholinguistics' and the phrase
'manufactured consensus.' Both of
these terms are immortal and sorely
needed for progress in the areas of
subject development and sociology
(including the popular, non-academic
variety) respectively. They are
words we need to take us forward in
our collegiate planning and our
understanding of capitalist
oppression. Chomsky also brought to
the surface discussion of the
obvious but hidden effect of
language (including individual
language) on thought.
Despite having the simple virtue of
genius, Chomsky is a victim of an
age of labourism/work(er)ism, in
which academics measure their worth
in terms of over-production of
superfluous 'stuffing;' it is as if
they would fail to recognise genius
were it not hidden in the thickness
of a tome. But those days are coming
to an end. So I spew away Chomsky's
'chaff' while delighting in his