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Cimarosti <marco.cimarosti@...>
> Etaonsh, may I ask you to leave a
blank line between each quoted block
> your new text? Like this:
> Foo Bar wrote:
> > The horse is white.
> No, you foo, the horse is black.
> > And I can demonstrate it very
> There's nothing to demonstrate:
it's black.
> Richard
> Your current style of quoting is
more compact, but very difficult to
read: I
> don't understand which parts were
written by you and which parts are
> quotations of your interlocutor.
> Also, you may wish to check your
line length setting. Most people use
> least 60 chars per line; your
current setting of less that 40
chars per line
> makes very short lines.
> Ciao.
> Marco
Marco: My replies are distinguished
from the quotes by the lack of '>'s
between lines.
I am flitting between tv internet
and public computers at present and,
in the former, '>'s are needed to
create blank lines, and the line
length is restricted by the system.
I am contemplating installing a
computer but am finding the
gains/risk equations difficult.