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fán ábhar "Irish spelling":

> does anyone here understand Irish gaelic
> spelling? i've read somewhere thet Caitlín is
> pronounced koytleen, but my girlfriend says
> it's more like ['ka:tli:n]...

Your girlfriend is correct...mostly. Actually the 'ai' sound varies
between /a:/ and /æ:/ in stressed syllables. Think I say ['ka:t´l´i:n´]
myself though. Your pronunciation would require an accent on the 'a',
i.e. Cáitlín /'kA:t´l´i:n´/ [ASCII-IPA], but in northern dialects the only
difference between 'a' and 'á' is length, so your pronunciation wouldn't
occur at all, i.e. they'd pronounce it /'ka:t´l´i:n´/.
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