>Thank you for concurring and allowing these imperfections in the
>current Irish system, John, and for contributing to this topic
>without any hint of vitriol or seeking to 'crap on' or 'rubbish'
>fellow contributors.

One of the hallmarks of academic discussion is a disinclination to
suffer foolish ideas gladly, and also to be frank about idenifying
them. The ideas you sent regarding Celtic orthographies weren't even
tempting enough to be specious, as they were based on serious errors
of fact and analysis. I corrected a number of these errors for
instance, the antiquity of Celtic writing systems, the match between
orthography and phonology. I directed you to an accurate source of
information on the Cornish orthography debate.

Your rhetoric came out blazing with a challenge: "I'm right but I
know people will attack me." Well, you were wrong, and your rhetoric
got what it deserved.

(Nazis, for Pete's sake. John, isn't there somebody who once said
"Whoever brings up Hitler loses the argument"?)
Michael Everson * * Everson Typography * *