Nicholas Bodley wrote:
> I'm sorry to say that although I joined some time back, I
> never received a single message. The reason seems to be spam
> filtering that rejects valid messages.

I am not aware that YahooGroups has any spam filter in effect, or
that a group moderator can activate a spam filter (I would certainly
have given it a try, if it existed...).

> Whether the group received my introductory message, some time
> back, I don't know, but it's kinder to be brief for now and
> say I'm a Unicode hobbyist, interested in i18n, and a
> dilettante linguist with just about everything to learn.


This is the first post I see from you, so I am inclined to think that
something went wrong with your previous subscription process.

Another possible cause for nor receiving messages is that YahooGroups
put your account into "bouncing" status. This happens when your
server rejects a few messages in a row. The "bouncing" status affects
*all* the YahooGroups groups that you subscribed to, and can only be
cleared manually by yourself or by a moderator of one of your groups.

In fall 2002, an exaggerated number of YahooGroups members went
bouncing in all groups. This situation, which caused a lot of worry
and extra work to moderators, was possibly due to some malfunction in
YahooGroups' software.

By the way, in that occasion, I also had to delete a couple of
members whose accounts were flagged as "hard bouncing" (i.e.,
unrecoverable). I hope this action didn't cause any inconvenience:
normally, e-mail account become "hard bouncing" only when they cease
to exist.

Seshat (Qalam moderator).