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>She says that she has never encountered the 2 consonants in question, in
>printed text. Nor are they printed on her keyboard.

Indeed. I wasn't questioning the point that these two characters are no
longer used. Just the reason for why they went out of use.

>Every Thai consonant has an
>associated word, to distinguish it from similar sounding consonants, like
>Apple", "B Ball", but standardised; however even the representative words
>these 2 are now spelt with their replacements.

But they are still known by their traditional names: kho khuat ('bottle')
and kho khon ('person')

>Not surprisingly, Unicode includes these 2 characters. So even if I can't
>them, I can insert them with Word2000 Insert Symbol.

Actually, on Windows, the Kedmanee layout supplies both these characters
on the backslash key: ฃฅ.

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