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3800Erich Rickheit KSC2003-11-12Re: Sv: Old Norse Font
3801sjuler2003-11-12Re: Sv: Old Norse Font
3802Falco Peregrinus2003-11-12Re: Sv: Old Norse Font
3803sjuler2003-11-12Re: Sv: Old Norse Font
3804Alan Thompson2003-11-13Re: Digest Number 741
3805Arlie Stephens2003-11-13Unicode values (was Re: [norse_course] Digest Number 741)
3806Laurel Bradshaw2003-11-14Re: Hrafnkel
3807Gerald Mcharg2003-11-15Jed - Hrafnkel lines 101-125
3808Laurel Bradshaw2003-11-15Hrafnkel 101-125 / Laurel's
3809Fred & Grace Hatton2003-11-16the word "sheiling"
3810Sarah Bowen2003-11-17HRAFNKELL 101 - 125 / Sarah
3811Sarah Bowen2003-11-17Re: Jed - Hrafnkel lines 101-125
3812Sarah Bowen2003-11-17Re: Hrafnkel 101-125 / Laurel's
3813Alan Thompson2003-11-17RE: 'at eigi veldr sá'
3814Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-11-17Re: 'at eigi veldr sá'
3815Sarah Bowen2003-11-17Re: [norse_course] RE: 'at eigi veldr sá'
3816Laurel Bradshaw2003-11-17Re: Hrafnkel 101-125 / Laurel's
3817Fred & Grace Hatton2003-11-17troubles with the translation
3818Laurel Bradshaw2003-11-17Re: Jed - Hrafnkel lines 101-125
3819Gerald Mcharg2003-11-17to Haukur from Jed
3820Gerald Mcharg2003-11-17to Laura from Jed re- the horses
3821Gerald Mcharg2003-11-17to Sarah from Jed re- 'foera'
3822Laurel Bradshaw2003-11-17Re: troubles with the translation
3823xigung2003-11-17Unicode values (was Re: [norse_course] Digest Number 741)
3825Sarah Bowen2003-11-18Re: troubles with the translation
3826Alan Thompson2003-11-18Re: Hrafnkel 101-125 / Laurel's
3827Laurel Bradshaw2003-11-18Re: Hrafnkel 101-125 / Laurel's
3830Alan Thompson2003-11-19RE: [norse_course] lögr
3831Alan Thompson2003-11-19Re: Hrafnkel 101-125 / Laurel's
3832Alan Thompson2003-11-19Re: to Sarah from Jed re- 'foera'
3834xigung2003-11-19Re: lögr
3835xigung2003-11-19Hooked-o generated in the Mozilla Composer.
3836xigung2003-11-19html-code for 5 hooked o's
3837xigung2003-11-19Re: html-code for hooked o's
3838xigung2003-11-19Re: Hrafnke/ i sel
3839sjuler2003-11-19Sv: Preaspiration ("satt" [saht])
3840xigung2003-11-19Re: Hrafnkel 101-125 / Laurel's
3841Alan Thompson2003-11-20Re: Hrafnke/ i sel
3842Nicole Sigaud2003-11-20International Phonetic alphabet
3843xigung2003-11-20Re: Hrafnke/ i sel
3844sjuler2003-11-20Re: Hrafnkel 101-125 / Laurel's {undan fyr undan}
3846Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-11-21Re: Upp
3847brahmabull@...2003-11-21Orthography in Old Icelandic
3848pdhanssen@...2003-11-21Re: Orthography in Old Icelandic
3849Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-11-22Re: Orthography in Old Icelandic
3850Berglaug Ásmundardóttir2003-11-22Re: [norse_course] Orthography in Old Icelandic; æj, Haukur minn,
3851brahmabull@...2003-11-22Old Icelandic orthography & phonology
3852Laurel Bradshaw2003-11-22Hrafnkel 126-151
3853kelker112003-11-23If anyone can help...
3854shibbyhellman@...2003-11-23Re: Old Icelandic orthography & phonology
3855brahmabull@...2003-11-24Lass corrections
3856Jon Nall2003-11-24help with dictionary notation
3857Hulda Spinner2003-11-24New-B
3858Sarah Bowen2003-11-24Re: Hrafnkel 101-125 / Laurel's
3859Sarah Bowen2003-11-24Re: to Sarah from Jed re- 'foera'
3860pdhanssen@...2003-11-24Re: help with dictionary notation
3861Erich Rickheit KSC2003-11-24Re: help with dictionary notation
3862Gerald Mcharg2003-11-24Jed to John re dictionary notation
3863shibbyhellman@...2003-11-24Re: New-B
3865Laurel Bradshaw2003-11-24Re: help with dictionary notation
3866Berglaug Ásmundardóttir2003-11-25Re: help with dictionary notation
3867Jon Nall2003-11-25Re: help with dictionary notation
3868Alan Thompson2003-11-25Re: Hrafnke/ i sel
3869Fred & Grace Hatton2003-11-25Latest adventures of Einarr
3870Sean Holt2003-11-25Re: Wolves
3871Berglaug Ásmundardóttir2003-11-25Re: Wolves
3872Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-11-25Re: Wolves
3873Alfta2003-11-25Re: Upp
3874shibbyhellman@...2003-11-25Re: Wolves
3875Alan Thompson2003-11-26Re: Hrafnkel 126-151
3876xigung2003-11-26Re: Hrafnkel 101-125 / Laurel's {undan fyr undan}
3877xigung2003-11-26Re: Orthography in Old Icelandic; æj, Haukur minn, hvernig var þe
3878xigung2003-11-26Re: to Sarah from Jed re- 'foera'
3879xigung2003-11-26Re: Hrafnke/ i sel
3880Terje Ellefsen2003-11-26Re: [norse_course] Re: Orthography in Old Icelandic; æj, Haukur mi
3881sjuler2003-11-26Sv: Re: Hrafnkel 101-125 / Laurel's {undan fyr undan}
3882sjuler2003-11-26Sv: Re: Orthography in Old Icelandic; 檬 Haukur minn, hvernig v
3883Sarah Bowen2003-11-26Re: to Sarah from Jed re- 'foera'
3884Sarah Bowen2003-11-26Re: Hrafnkel 126-151
3885Haukur Thorgeirsson2003-11-27Re: Hrafnkel 101-125 / Laurel's
3886Gerald Mcharg2003-11-27From Jed re Alan's photos of Athalbol
3887Gerald Mcharg2003-11-27Jed re teaching elements of Old Norse in adult community education
3888Alan Thompson2003-11-27Re: Wolves
3889vikingwoman2003-11-27Re: Hrafnkel 126-151
3890Berglaug Ásmundardóttir2003-11-27Re: Hrafnke/ i sel
3891Berglaug Ásmundardóttir2003-11-27fonts
3892Fred & Grace Hatton2003-11-27fonts
3893Sarah Bowen2003-11-27Re: Jed re teaching elements of Old Norse in adult community educat
3894Sarah Bowen2003-11-27Re: Hrafnkel 101-125 / Laurel's
3895xigung2003-11-27Re: fonts
3896Alan Thompson2003-11-28Re: Hrafnkel 126-151
3897Alan Thompson2003-11-28Re: Hrafnke/ i sel
3898Alan Thompson2003-11-28Re: to Sarah from Jed re- 'foera'
3899Gerald Mcharg2003-11-28Jed to Alan - thanks
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