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21600Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-07Re: [tied] Re: vulgar Latin?
21601Peter P2003-05-07Re: Got to thinkin' about word order
21602jpisc98357@...2003-05-07Re: [tied] Meteoric iron, self-smelted
21603João Simões Lopes Filho2003-05-08Re: [tied] Is Lars a Etruscan name?
21604Brian M. Scott2003-05-08Re[2]: [tied] Re: Got to thinkin' about word order
21605Piotr Gasiorowski2003-05-08Re: [tied] Is Lars a Etruscan name?
21606Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-08Re: [tied] Is Lars a Etruscan name?
21607tgpedersen2003-05-08Re: cardinal points
21608tgpedersen2003-05-08[tied] Re: Peschel
21609S.Kalyanaraman2003-05-08Re: [tied] Meteoric iron, self-smelted
21610Daniel J. Milton2003-05-08Re: [tied] Meteoric iron, self-smelted
21611alex_lycos2003-05-08Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21612Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-05-08Re: [tied] IE genitive
21613Daniel J. Milton2003-05-08Re: [tied] IE genitive
21614alex_lycos2003-05-08Alb. "maj"
21615Abdullah Konushevci2003-05-08Re: Alb. "maj"
21616Abdullah Konushevci2003-05-08Re: Alb. "maj"
21617Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-08Re: [tied] IE genitive
21618Glen Gordon2003-05-09Re: [tied] cardinal points
21619Glen Gordon2003-05-09Re: [tied] Re: Got to thinkin' about word order
21620Glen Gordon2003-05-09Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: Got to thinkin' about word order
21621Glen Gordon2003-05-09Re: [tied] IE genitive
21622Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2003-05-09Re: IE genitive
21623Glen Gordon2003-05-09Etruscan
21624Glen Gordon2003-05-09Re: [tied] IE genitive
21625João Simões Lopes Filho2003-05-09Re: [tied] Is Lars a Etruscan name?
21626Brian M. Scott2003-05-09Re[2]: [tied] Re: Got to thinkin' about word order
21627aquila_grande2003-05-09Re: [tied] IE genitive
21628tgpedersen2003-05-09Re: cardinal points
21629alex_lycos2003-05-09Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21630alex_lycos2003-05-09Re: [tied] cardinal points
21631alex_lycos2003-05-09Re: [tied] Re: Alb. "maj"
21632george knysh2003-05-09Re: [tied] cardinal points
21633alex_lycos2003-05-09Re: [tied] cardinal points
21634george knysh2003-05-09Re: [tied] cardinal points
21635alex_lycos2003-05-09Re: [tied] cardinal points
21636tolgs0012003-05-09Re: cardinal points
21637Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-05-09Re: [tied] IE genitive
21638alex_lycos2003-05-09Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21639aquila_grande2003-05-09[tied] Re: Got to thinkin' about word order
21640Peter P2003-05-09Re: Got to thinkin' about word order
21641Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-05-09Re: [tied] IE genitive
21642tolgs0012003-05-09Re: cardinal points
21643tolgs0012003-05-09Re: cardinal points
21644george knysh2003-05-09Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21645Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-09Re: [tied] IE genitive
21646Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-05-09The sectors of ablaut.
21647Glen Gordon2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: Got to thinkin' about word order
21648Glen Gordon2003-05-10Re: [tied] The sectors of ablaut.
21649Glen Gordon2003-05-10Everything except the kitchen sink
21650alex_lycos2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21651alex_lycos2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21652alex_lycos2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21653aquila_grande2003-05-10[tied] Re: Got to thinkin' about word order
21654S & L2003-05-10Re: cardinal points_Gepids
21655S & L2003-05-10Ban_Pan [cardinal points]
21656tgpedersen2003-05-10Re: Got to thinkin' about word order
21657Piotr Gasiorowski2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21658Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-10Re: [tied] RE: cardinal points_Gepids
21659alex_lycos2003-05-10Re: [tied] Ban_Pan [cardinal points]
21660alex_lycos2003-05-10Re: [tied] RE: cardinal points_Gepids
21661tolgs0012003-05-10Old Germanisms in Romanian? [Re: cardinal...]
21662Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21663aquila_grande2003-05-10Re: Got to thinkin' about word order
21664tgpedersen2003-05-10velar - dental
21665Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-10Re: [tied] Ban_Pan [cardinal points]
21666tolgs0012003-05-10Re: Old Germanisms?
21667alex_lycos2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21668tolgs0012003-05-10Re: Ban_Pan [cardinal points]
21669Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21670tolgs0012003-05-10Re: cardinal points
21671tolgs0012003-05-10Re: cardinal points
21672alex_lycos2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21673alex_lycos2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21674Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21675alex_lycos2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: Ban_Pan [cardinal points]
21676tolgs0012003-05-10"malai" & "farina" [Re: cardinal...]
21677Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21678Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: Ban_Pan [cardinal points]
21679Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-10Re: [tied] The sectors of ablaut.
21680alex_lycos2003-05-10Re: [tied] klap- ( it was Re: cardinal points)
21681tolgs0012003-05-10Re: cardinal points
21682george knysh2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21683tolgs0012003-05-10Re: cardinal points
21684tolgs0012003-05-10Re: Ban_Pan
21685tolgs0012003-05-10Re: cardinal points
21686alex_lycos2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21687tolgs0012003-05-10klap- (it was Re: cardinal points)
21688alex_lycos2003-05-10Re: [tied] klap- (it was Re: cardinal points)
21689tolgs0012003-05-10klap- (it was Re: cardinal points)
21690Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21691Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-10Re: [tied] klap- (it was Re: cardinal points)
21692alex_lycos2003-05-10Re: [tied] stephanos
21693Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-10Re: [tied] klap- (it was Re: cardinal points)
21694Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-10Re: [tied] stephanos
21695S & L2003-05-10Re: Ban_Pan
21696Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-10Re: [tied] Everything except the kitchen sink
21697george knysh2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21698alex_lycos2003-05-10Re: [tied] Re: cardinal points
21699Peter P2003-05-10Re: Got to thinkin' about word order
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