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65900cybalist@yahoogroups.com2010-03-01File - Rules.txt
65901bmscotttg2010-03-01dive (was Re: Sos-)
65902Torsten2010-03-02dive (was Re: Sos-)
65903johnvertical@...2010-03-02dive (was Re: Sos-)
65904Torsten2010-03-02Horse (*xanx/g-est-)
65905Brian M. Scott2010-03-02Re: dive (was Re: Sos-)
65906johnvertical@...2010-03-02Re: Finnic substrate in Slavic?!
65907Richard Wordingham2010-03-02Ambiguous 'N' (was: dive)
65908patrick cuadrado2010-03-02Re : [tied] Horse (*xanx/g-est-)
65909Torsten2010-03-03dive (was Re: Sos-)
65910Joao S. Lopes2010-03-03s^ ( soundless palatal) in Western Europe: how and why?
65911Torsten2010-03-03Re: Ambiguous 'N' (was: dive)
65912Torsten2010-03-03dive (was Re: Sos-)
65913Torsten2010-03-03Re: Finnic substrate in Slavic?!
65914Torsten2010-03-03dive (was Re: Sos-)
65915Torsten2010-03-03dive (was Re: Sos-)
65917Torsten2010-03-03dive (was Re: Sos-)
65918Torsten2010-03-03dive (was Re: Sos-)
65919johnvertical@...2010-03-03dive (was Re: Sos-)
65920johnvertical@...2010-03-04Re: Ambiguous 'N' (was: dive)
65921johnvertical@...2010-03-04Re: Finnic substrate in Slavic?!
65922Torsten2010-03-04dive (was Re: Sos-)
65923Torsten2010-03-04Re: Finnic substrate in Slavic?!
65924george knysh2010-03-04Re: Finnic substrate in Slavic?!
65926Brian M. Scott2010-03-04Re: dive (was Re: Sos-)
65927Torsten2010-03-04dive (was Re: Sos-)
65929dgkilday572010-03-05Re: Uralic Loanwords in Germanic
65930Etherman232010-03-05Re: Heteroclitics
65931Torsten2010-03-06Schaffner's list of Verner-alternating Gmc nouns
65932Rick McCallister2010-03-06Re: Schaffner's list of Verner-alternating Gmc nouns
65933slavophil682010-03-06*slovEne and Sclaveni
65934Kirill2010-03-07Journal of Language Relationship, Issue 3 (2010)
65937Rick McCallister2010-03-08Re: Schaffner's list of Verner-alternating Gmc nouns
65938Torsten2010-03-08Re: Schaffner's list of Verner-alternating Gmc nouns
65940Torsten2010-03-08Re: Reindeer domestication : two origins
65941dgkilday572010-03-09Re: Schaffner's list of Verner-alternating Gmc nouns
65942Torsten2010-03-09Re: Horse (*xanx/g-est-)
65943Torsten2010-03-10Re: Horse (*xanx/g-est-)
65944Torsten2010-03-10*aN- varia
65945Rick McCallister2010-03-10Re: *aN- varia
65946Joao S. Lopes2010-03-10Latin Honor < ?
65947bmscotttg2010-03-11Re: Latin Honor < ?
65948dgkilday572010-03-11Re: *aN- varia
65949Torsten2010-03-11Re: *aN- varia
65950Joao S. Lopes2010-03-11Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65951Rick McCallister2010-03-11Re: Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65952Torsten2010-03-11Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65953Piotr Gasiorowski2010-03-11Re: Latin Honor < ?
65954Piotr Gasiorowski2010-03-11Re: Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65955Piotr Gasiorowski2010-03-11Re: Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65956johnvertical@...2010-03-11dive (was Re: Sos-)
65957Torsten2010-03-12Re: Finnic substrate in Slavic?!
65958Torsten2010-03-12Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65959Torsten2010-03-12dive (was Re: Sos-)
65960BMScott@...2010-03-12Re: dive (was Re: Sos-)
65961Edgard Bikelis2010-03-12Re: Latin Honor < ?
65962Joao S. Lopes2010-03-12Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65963cafaristeir2010-03-13Re: Latin Honor < ?
65964Piotr Gasiorowski2010-03-13Re: Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65965Torsten2010-03-13Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65966Torsten2010-03-13dive (was Re: Sos-)
65967Piotr Gasiorowski2010-03-13Re: Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65968Joao S. Lopes2010-03-13Res: Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65969Piotr Gasiorowski2010-03-13Re: Res: Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65970george knysh2010-03-13Re: Finnic substrate in Slavic?!
65971dgkilday572010-03-13Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65972Torsten2010-03-13Re: Finnic substrate in Slavic?!
65973Joao S. Lopes2010-03-13Res: Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65974Piotr Gasiorowski2010-03-13Re: Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65975Anders2010-03-13Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65976Torsten2010-03-13dive (was Re: Sos-)
65977george knysh2010-03-14Re: Substrate X in Finnic and Balto/Slavic?
65978dgkilday572010-03-16Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65979Torsten2010-03-16Re: Substrate X in Finnic and Balto/Slavic?
65980Torsten2010-03-16PIE -ax (alternatively -eh2)
65981johnvertical@...2010-03-16dive (was Re: Sos-)
65982Piotr Gasiorowski2010-03-16Re: Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65983Joao S. Lopes2010-03-16Res: Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65984Torsten2010-03-17Re: Horse (*xanx/g-est-)
65985dgkilday572010-03-17Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65986andythewiros2010-03-17Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65987G&P2010-03-17Re: Latin Honor < ?
65988dgkilday572010-03-18Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65989dgkilday572010-03-18Re: Latin Honor < ?
65990dgkilday572010-03-18Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65991Brian M. Scott2010-03-18Re: Latin Honor < ?
65992Joao S. Lopes2010-03-18Res: [tied] Re: Latin Honor < ?
65993Torsten2010-03-18dive (was Re: Sos-)
65994Torsten2010-03-18dive (was Re: Sos-)
65995Torsten2010-03-18dive (was Re: Sos-)
65996Rick McCallister2010-03-18Re: dive (was Re: Sos-)
65997Torsten2010-03-18dive (was Re: Sos-)
65998Joao S. Lopes2010-03-18Greek suffix -aleos, Latin a:lis, Latin -ster, olentus
65999Rick McCallister2010-03-18Re: dive (was Re: Sos-)
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