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36000Piotr Gasiorowski2005-01-18Re: [tied] What song did the IEs sing?
36001Thomas Olander2005-01-18Re: Various loose thoughts
36002Joao2005-01-18Re: [tied] What song did the IEs sing?
36003willemvermeer2005-01-18Re: Various loose thoughts
36004Sergejus Tarasovas2005-01-18Re: Various loose thoughts
36005tgpedersen2005-01-18Re: Various loose thoughts
36006Mate Kapovic2005-01-18Re: [tied] Re: Various loose thoughts
36007Miguel Carrasquer2005-01-18Re: [tied] Re: Various loose thoughts
36008Sergejus Tarasovas2005-01-18[tied] Re: Various loose thoughts
36009Miguel Carrasquer2005-01-18Re: [tied] Re: Various loose thoughts
36010Richard Wordingham2005-01-18Re: Orlog revisited
36011alex2005-01-18Re: [tied] Re: Orlog revisited
36012petegray2005-01-19Re: [tied] What song did the IEs sing?
36013petegray2005-01-19Re: [tied] Romance Neuter Nouns (was: Lat. -idus)
36014tgpedersen2005-01-19Re: Orlog revisited
36015Piotr Gasiorowski2005-01-19Re: [tied] Re: Orlog revisited
36016Piotr Gasiorowski2005-01-19Re: [tied] What song did the IEs sing?
36017Piotr Gasiorowski2005-01-19Re: [tied] What song did the IEs sing?
36018A.2005-01-19Re: Orlog revisited
36020petegray2005-01-21Re: [tied] What song did the IEs sing?
36021Miguel Carrasquer2005-01-21Re: [tied] What song did the IEs sing?
36022whetex_lewx2005-01-21Re: [tied] Latin ibex akin to Portuguese bezerro?
36023Miguel Carrasquer2005-01-22Slavic verbs
36024petegray2005-01-22Re: [tied] What song did the IEs sing?
36025Richard Wordingham2005-01-23Re: [tied] What song did the IEs sing?
36026Rob2005-01-23The "Mother" Problem
36027alex2005-01-23Re: [tied] Re: Orlog revisited
36028Piotr Gasiorowski2005-01-24Re: [tied] What song did the IEs sing?
36029A.2005-01-24[tied] Re: Orlog revisited
36030tgpedersen2005-01-24Re: Vaskonisches
36031petegray2005-01-25Re: [tied] What song did the IEs sing?
36032petegray2005-01-25Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36033tgpedersen2005-01-25Re: Vaskonisches
36034Rob2005-01-25Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36035Miguel Carrasquer2005-01-26Re: [tied] Slavic verbs and other stuff
36036Sean Whalen2005-01-26Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36037Piotr Gasiorowski2005-01-26Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36038Piotr Gasiorowski2005-01-26Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36039Thomas Olander2005-01-26Re: [tied] Slavic verbs and other stuff
36040Mate Kapovic2005-01-26Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36041Joao2005-01-26-estris suffix, Latin, origin
36042tgpedersen2005-01-26Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36043tgpedersen2005-01-26Re: Vaskonisches
36044Miguel Carrasquer2005-01-26Re: [tied] Slavic verbs and other stuff
36045Joao2005-01-26Isiris, Lithuanian, Latvian or Polish?
36046Rob2005-01-26Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36047Rob2005-01-26Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36048mkapovic@...2005-01-26Re: [tied] The 'Mother' Problem
36049Rob2005-01-26Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36050Joao2005-01-26Brianna, Irish
36051Brian M. Scott2005-01-26Re: [tied] Brianna, Irish
36052squilluncus2005-01-26New to the board
36053Sean Whalen2005-01-27Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36054Piotr Gasiorowski2005-01-27Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36055tgpedersen2005-01-27Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36056tgpedersen2005-01-27Re: Vaskonisches
36057petegray2005-01-27Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36058Rob2005-01-28Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36059Rob2005-01-28Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36060elmeras20002005-01-28Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36061Miguel Carrasquer2005-01-28Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36062Patrick Ryan2005-01-28Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36063Piotr Gasiorowski2005-01-28Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36064tgpedersen2005-01-28Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36065tgpedersen2005-01-28Re: -estris suffix, Latin, origin
36066Rob2005-01-28Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36067Joao2005-01-28Re: [tied] Re: -estris suffix, Latin, origin
36068Rob2005-01-28Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36069tgpedersen2005-01-28Re: -estris suffix, Latin, origin
36070Patrick Ryan2005-01-28Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36071Miguel Carrasquer2005-01-28[tied] Stative (essive/fientive)
36072elmeras20002005-01-28Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36073Patrick Ryan2005-01-28Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36074Richard Wordingham2005-01-29Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36076Miguel Carrasquer2005-01-29Re: [tied] ergative
36077Mate Kapovic2005-01-29Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36078squilluncus2005-01-29Re: [tied] ergative
36079elmeras20002005-01-30Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36080Mate Kapovic2005-01-30Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36081elmeras20002005-01-30Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36082Rob2005-01-31Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36083Rob2005-01-31Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36084Rob2005-01-31Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36085Rob2005-01-31Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36086Abdullah Konushevci2005-01-31Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36087Piotr Gasiorowski2005-01-31Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36088Piotr Gasiorowski2005-01-31Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36089Rasmus Underbjerg Pinnerup2005-01-31English /p/ in "up" and "open"
36090elmeras20002005-01-31Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36091elmeras20002005-01-31Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36092Rob2005-01-31Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36093Rob2005-01-31Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36094Patrick Ryan2005-01-31Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36095elmeras20002005-01-31Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36096Miguel Carrasquer2005-02-01Re: [tied] English /p/ in "up" and "open"
36097elmeras20002005-02-01Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36098Miguel Carrasquer2005-02-01Re: [tied] The "Mother" Problem
36099tgpedersen2005-02-01Re: [tied] English /p/ in "up" and "open"
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