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24000Sergejus Tarasovas2003-06-28Mohyla-Movila [Was: Re: [tied] Re: Catunari]
24001Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-28Re: [tied] Re: Mohyla-Movila
24002Richard Wordingham2003-06-28Re: [tied] wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24003Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-28Re: [tied] wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24004Robert B Wilson2003-06-28Re: [tied] Re: Mohyla-Movila
24005Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-29Re: [tied] wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24006wtsdv2003-06-29Mohyla-Movila [Was: Re: [tied] Re: Catunari]
24007gknysh2003-06-29Re: Mohyla-Movila
24008Michael J Smith2003-06-29Celts
24009P&G2003-06-29Re: [tied] wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24010P&G2003-06-29Re: [tied] wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24011P&G2003-06-29Re: [tied] wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24012P&G2003-06-29Re: [tied] wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24013P&G2003-06-29Re: [tied] wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24014alex2003-06-29Re: [tied] Re: Catunari
24015Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-29Re: [tied] wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24016Richard Wordingham2003-06-29Re: wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24017Richard Wordingham2003-06-29Re: [tied] wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24018Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-29Re: [tied] wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24019m_iacomi2003-06-29[tied] Re: Creole Romance?
24020george knysh2003-06-29Re: [tied] Re: Mohyla-Movila
24021alex2003-06-29Re: [tied] Religious terms , here saint
24022Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-29Re: [tied] Re: wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24023Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-29Re: [tied, con-celtic] Celts
24024g2003-06-29Re: Religious terms, here saint
24025g2003-06-29Re: wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24026Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-29Re: [tied] Re: wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24027Brian M. Scott2003-06-29Re: [tied] Re: wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24028Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-29Re: [tied] Religious terms , here saint
24029alex2003-06-29Re: [tied] Religious terms , here saint
24030alex2003-06-29Re: [tied] Re: Mohyla-Movila (and mare/kan)
24031Brian M. Scott2003-06-29Re[2]: [tied] Religious terms , here saint
24032CeiSerith@...2003-06-30Re: [tied] Celts
24033S.Kalyanaraman2003-06-30Mleccha and mlecchita vikalpa
24034Brian M. Scott2003-06-30Re: [tied] Celts
24035Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-30Re: [tied] Re: Mohyla-Movila (and mare/kan)
24036g2003-06-30Re: ... and mare/kan
24037tgpedersen2003-06-30Re: Anglophonian (was: Creole Romance?)
24038tgpedersen2003-06-30[tied] Re: Creole Romance? [was: Thracian , summing up]
24039tgpedersen2003-06-30Re: Mohyla-Movila
24040tgpedersen2003-06-30[tied] Re: Creole Romance? [was: Thracian , summing up]
24041tgpedersen2003-06-30Re: Mohyla-Movila
24042Glen Gordon2003-06-30Re: [tied] languages documented (Alex) (it was: substratum)
24043Glen Gordon2003-06-30Re: [tied] Re: languages documented
24044Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-30[tied] Re: Creole Romance? [was: Thracian , summing up]
24045tgpedersen2003-06-30[tied] Re: Creole Romance?
24046tgpedersen2003-06-30[tied] Re: Creole Romance?
24047g2003-06-30Re: Creole Romance?
24048g2003-06-30Re: languages documented
24049m_iacomi2003-06-30[tied] Re: Creole Romance?
24050tgpedersen2003-06-30Re: Creole Romance?
24051g2003-06-30Re: Creole Romance?
24052Davius Sanctex2003-06-30Re: [tied] languages documented (Glen)
24053P&G2003-06-30Re: [tied] Re: wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24054P&G2003-06-30Re: [tied] Re: wre:g^, wro:g^ 'break'
24055Piotr Gasiorowski2003-06-30Re: [tied] Re: Creole Romance?
24056tgpedersen2003-07-01Re: Creole Romance?
24057tgpedersen2003-07-01[tied] Re: Creole Romance? Creole Romance?
24059Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-01[tied] Re: Creole Romance?
24060tgpedersen2003-07-01Re: Creole Romance?
24061tgpedersen2003-07-01Re: Creole Romance?
24062tgpedersen2003-07-01[tied] Re: Creole Romance?
24063tolgs0012003-07-01German s-plural & the genitive [Re: Creole Romance?]
24064tolgs0012003-07-01Re: Creole Romance?
24065m_iacomi2003-07-01[tied] Re: Creole Romance?
24066Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-01Re: [tied] Re: Creole Romance?
24067Brian M. Scott2003-07-02Re: [tied] Re: Creole Romance?
24068alex2003-07-02Re: Re[2]: [tied] Religious terms , here saint
24069Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-02Re: [tied] Religious terms , here saint
24070Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-02Re: Re[2]: [tied] Religious terms , here saint
24071Brian M. Scott2003-07-02Re[4]: [tied] Religious terms , here saint
24072Brian M. Scott2003-07-02Re: [tied] Re: Creole Romance? [was: Thracian , summing up]
24073Mikhail Razuvaev2003-07-02IE humor
24074Ray2003-07-02The Link at the description line has been hijacked by a porn site.
24075Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-02Re: [tied] The Link at the description line has been hijacked by a
24076Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi2003-07-02Latin - English derivatives
24077alex2003-07-02Re: [tied] Religious terms , here saint
24078Richard Wordingham2003-07-02Re: Latin - English derivatives
24079Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-02Re: [tied] Religious terms , here saint
24080fortuna111112003-07-02Re: Latin - English derivatives
24081luenpasanta2003-07-02Re: Welcome to the cybalist E-Mail Group
24082alex2003-07-02Re: [tied] Religious terms , here saint
24083luenpasanta2003-07-02To Cyril and Piotrek
24084Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-02Re: [tied] Religious terms , here saint
24085Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-02Re: [tied] Religious terms , here saint
24086alex2003-07-02Re: [tied] Religious terms , here saint
24087alex2003-07-02Re: [tied] Religious terms , here saint
24088alex2003-07-02about the wrong roots
24089Richard Wordingham2003-07-02Re: Latin - English derivatives
24090Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-02Re: [tied] about the wrong roots
24091Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-02Re: [tied] about the wrong roots
24092alex2003-07-02Re: [tied] about the wrong roots
24093Brian M. Scott2003-07-02Re[2]: [tied] about the wrong roots
24094Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-02Re: [tied] about the wrong roots
24095Richard Wordingham2003-07-02Re: Wrong Vowels (was: Religious terms , here saint)
24096alex2003-07-03Re: [tied] about the wrong roots
24097ehlsmith2003-07-03"Celtic Found to Have Ancient Roots"- NY Times
24098Brian M. Scott2003-07-03Re: [tied] "Celtic Found to Have Ancient Roots"- NY Times
24099Piotr Gasiorowski2003-07-03Re: [tied] "Celtic Found to Have Ancient Roots"- NY Times
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