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11700Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-06Re: [tied] Re: more Geshur- Sorry -- self-correction
11701indravayu2001-12-06[tied] Re: more Geshur- Sorry
11702Alexander Stolbov2001-12-06Re: [tied] Early Roman Iron Age Burials in Denmark II
11703malmqvist522001-12-06Re: more Geshur- Sorry
11704Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-06Re: [tied] Yggdrasill
11705Glen Gordon2001-12-06Re: [tied] Yggdrasill
11706george knysh2001-12-06Re: [tied] Early Roman Iron Age Burials in Denmark II
11707Tore Gannholm2001-12-06Re: [tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11708Max Dashu2001-12-06Re: [tied] Yggdrasill
11709Anne Lambert2001-12-06Re: [tied] Yggdrasill
11710Glen Gordon2001-12-06Re: [tied] Yggdrasill
11711Glen Gordon2001-12-06Re: [tied] Yggdrasill
11712george knysh2001-12-07Re: [tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11713Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-07Re: [tied] Yggdrasill
11714Tore Gannholm2001-12-07Re: [tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11715tgpedersen2001-12-07Re: "Getisk," said the Get, but nobody did not hear him.
11716tgpedersen2001-12-07Re: Early Roman Iron Age Burials in Denmark II
11717tgpedersen2001-12-07Re: [tied] Early Roman Iron Age Burials in Denmark II
11718Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-07Re: [tied] Re: "Getisk," said the Get, but nobody did not hear him.
11719tgpedersen2001-12-07Re: "Getisk," said the Get, but nobody did not hear him.
11720tgpedersen2001-12-07Re: [tied] Yggdrasill
11721Alexander Stolbov2001-12-07Re: [tied] Re: Early Roman Iron Age Burials in Denmark II
11722tgpedersen2001-12-07Re: more Geshur- Sorry
11723João Simões Lopes Filho2001-12-07Mountain - gWri-
11724tgpedersen2001-12-07[tied] Re: Early Roman Iron Age Burials in Denmark II
11725malmqvist522001-12-07Kivik/Skåne Re: Early Roman Iron Age Burials ...
11726Alexander Stolbov2001-12-07Re: [tied] Early Roman Iron Age Burials in Denmark II
11727Alexander Stolbov2001-12-07Re: [tied] Scythian tribal names
11728george knysh2001-12-07Re: [tied] Early Roman Iron Age Burials in Denmark II
11729george knysh2001-12-07Re: [tied] Scythian tribal names
11730Dr. Antonio Sciarretta2001-12-07Re: [tied] Mountain - gWri-
11731Patrick C. Ryan2001-12-07Re: [tied] Yggdrasill
11732Max Dashu2001-12-07Re: [tied] Yggdrasil
11735João Simões Lopes Filho2001-12-08Re: [tied] Arganaz
11736Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-08Re: [tied] Re: "Getisk," said the Get, but nobody did not hear him.
11737wtsdv2001-12-08Re: Shuwardata
11738kalyan972001-12-09Rebus representations in inscribed objects of Indian civilization
11739Alexander Stolbov2001-12-09Iranic in Slavic
11740Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-09Re: [tied] Iranic in Slavic
11741Alexander Stolbov2001-12-09Re: [tied] Iranic in Slavic
11742Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-09Re: [tied] Iranic in Slavic
11743Anne Lambert2001-12-09Re: [tied] Yggdrasil
11744Anne Lambert2001-12-09Re: [tied] Yggdrasill
11745jscrary2001-12-10Re: [tied] Early Roman Iron Age Burials in Denmark II
11746Sergejus Tarasovas2001-12-10Re: [tied] Iranic in Slavic
11747Carlos Padilla2001-12-10Re: [tied] New file uploaded to cybalist
11748tarasovass2001-12-10Etymology for (Caucasian) Albania
11749Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-10Re: [tied] Iranic in Slavic
11750Andrei Markine2001-12-11Re: [tied] Iranic in Slavic
11751tgpedersen2001-12-11Re: "Getisk," said the Get, but nobody did not hear him.
11752tgpedersen2001-12-11Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11754tgpedersen2001-12-11Re: "Getisk," said the Get, but nobody did not hear him.
11755tgpedersen2001-12-11Re: "Getisk," said the Get, but nobody did not hear him.
11756tgpedersen2001-12-11[tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11757Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-11Re: [tied] Iranic in Slavic
11758Alexander Stolbov2001-12-11Re: [tied] Scythian tribal names: Paralatai
11759Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-11Re: [tied] Ariovistus
11760indravayu2001-12-11Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11761Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-11Re: [tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11762george knysh2001-12-11Re: [tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11763Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-11Re: [tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11764Vishal Agarwal2001-12-11Re: Etymology for (Caucasian) Albania
11765tarasovass2001-12-11Re: Etymology for (Caucasian) Albania
11766Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-11Re: [tied] Re: Etymology for (Caucasian) Albania
11767tarasovass2001-12-11Re: [tied] Iranic in Slavic
11768Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-11Re: [tied] Iranic in Slavic
11769malmqvist522001-12-12[tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11770kalyan972001-12-12What is PIE for numeral 'nine'?
11771Harald Hammarstrom2001-12-12Czech long vowels
11772Milos Bogdanovic2001-12-12Re: [tied] Etymology for (Caucasian) Albania
11773Milos Bogdanovic2001-12-12Re: [tied] &
11774Sergejus Tarasovas2001-12-12Re: [tied] Etymology for (Caucasian) Albania
11775tgpedersen2001-12-12Re: Etymology for (Caucasian) Albania
11776tgpedersen2001-12-12Re: [tied] Ariovistus
11777tgpedersen2001-12-12Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11778tgpedersen2001-12-12[tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11779tgpedersen2001-12-12[tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11780tgpedersen2001-12-12Odin and Zalmoxes - same religion?
11781tgpedersen2001-12-12Re: Odin and Zalmoxes - same religion?
11782george knysh2001-12-12Re: [tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11783tgpedersen2001-12-12Re: Odin and Zalmoxes - same religion?
11784tgpedersen2001-12-12Re: What is PIE for numeral 'nine'?
11785tgpedersen2001-12-12[tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11786tgpedersen2001-12-12[tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11787george knysh2001-12-12Re: [tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11788Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-12Re: [tied] Czech long vowels
11789tgpedersen2001-12-13Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11790tgpedersen2001-12-13Re: Odin and Zalmoxes - same religion?
11791tgpedersen2001-12-13Re: Scythian tribal names
11792george knysh2001-12-13Re: [tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11793Georgeos Díaz2001-12-13Fwd: Expedicion Cientifica Busca la Atlantida en Gibraltar
11794Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-14Re: [tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11795tgpedersen2001-12-14Re: Vanir
11796tgpedersen2001-12-14[tied] Re: "Odin of Asgard"
11797tgpedersen2001-12-14Carlos Padilla
11798Ian James Parsley (Laptop)2001-12-14Re: [tied] Digest Number 723
11799Piotr Gasiorowski2001-12-14Re: [tied] Carlos Padilla
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