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800skinnyfoxeywolf2002-12-03Re: A new Nostratic list? Hey Piotr
801Geraldine Reinhardt2002-12-03Re: A new Nostratic list? Hey Piotr
802Gerry2002-12-03Re: (unknown)
803Piotr Gasiorowski2002-12-03Re: A new Nostratic list? Hey Piotr
804jeffco2002-12-03Re: A new Nostratic list?
805Geraldine Reinhardt2002-12-03Re: A new Nostratic list? Hey Piotr
806skinnyfoxeywolf2002-12-04Re: A new Nostratic list?
807Miguel Carrasquer2002-12-04Re: A new Nostratic list? Hey Piotr
808Miguel Carrasquer2002-12-04Re: A new Nostratic list?
809Glen Gordon2002-12-04Re: A new Nostratic list?
810skinnyfoxeywolf2002-12-04Re: A new Nostratic list?
811skinnyfoxeywolf2002-12-04Re: A new Nostratic list?
812jeffco2002-12-04Re: A new Nostratic list?
813Richard Wordingham2002-12-04Re: A new Nostratic list?
814Piotr Gasiorowski2002-12-04Re: A new Nostratic list?
815Richard Wordingham2002-12-04Re: A new Nostratic list? Hey Piotr
817gerryreinhartwaller20012002-12-04Re: A new Nostratic list?
818gerryreinhartwaller20012002-12-04Re: A new Nostratic list?
819gerryreinhartwaller20012002-12-04Re: A new Nostratic list? Hey Piotr
820nostradafemme2002-12-04Re: A new Nostratic list? Hey Piotr
821Gerry2002-12-04Re: A new Nostratic list is almost ready
822Gerry2002-12-04Please sign up
823idmpost342002-12-05Pendapat Anda Sangat Dibutuhkan - Survey Program S-3
824Glen Gordon2002-12-05Re: Please sign up
825gevans613@...2002-12-05Re: Please sign up
826Geraldine Reinhardt2002-12-05Re: Please sign up
827Gerry2002-12-05Re: Please sign up
828idmpost342002-12-05Kredit Mudah Tanpa Agunan Rp 5 -100 Juta
829Piotr Gasiorowski2002-12-05Re: Please sign up
830tgpedersen2002-12-05Re: Please sign up
831Alexander Stolbov2002-12-05Re: Please sign up
832Gerry2002-12-05Re: Please sign up
833Gerry2002-12-05Re: Please sign up
834Gerry2002-12-05Re: Please sign up
837John 2002-12-08Re: Elamo-Dravidian and Nilo-Saharan
838John 2002-12-08Re: Elamo-Dravidian and Nilo-Saharan
839John 2002-12-08Re: hi and nostratic demic diffusion
840John 2002-12-08Re: Austronesian-Nostratic Connections
841Alexander Stolbov2002-12-08Re: hi and nostratic demic diffusion
842Gerry 2002-12-08The New Nostratic List
843Glen Gordon2002-12-09Re: Austronesian-Nostratic Connections
844anthonyappleyard 2002-12-10Ancient Atlantic crossings
845idmpost34 2002-12-14Ingin berbagi !
846idmpost34 2002-12-14Ingin berbagi !
847Geraldine Reinhardt2002-12-31Happy New Year
848Geraldine Reinhardt2003-01-22The Alekseev Manuscript
849ardfilidh 2003-02-10sarmatian
850gevans613@...2003-02-10Re: sarmatian
851ardfilidh 2003-02-14Re: sarmatian
852Geraldine Reinhardt2003-06-26Howard Bloom
853Geraldine Reinhardt2003-06-26Big Bang Tango Media Lab
854Richard Wordingham2003-06-26Re: Big Bang Tango Media Lab
855duncan macquarie2003-07-11hattites
856Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-11Re: hattites
857ardfilidh2003-07-14Re: hattites
858Richard Wordingham2003-07-17Re: hattites
859Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-17Re: hattites
860ardfilidh2003-07-28Re: hattites
861Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-28Re: hattites
862ardfilidh2003-07-29Re: hattites
863Miguel Carrasquer2003-07-29Re: hattites
864Kamil KARTAL2003-11-26Re: [[bcn-3]] Fwd: origin of Turkish? """Polat and all,"""
865Akhilesh Pillalamarri2003-11-27About the Turkish and Greek post
866Marco Moretti2003-12-10Re: About the Turkish and Greek post
867marcomoretti69@...2003-12-17Re: [[bcn-3]] Fwd: origin of Turkish? """Polat and all,"""
868allingus2003-12-19Fw: [htr_ling] "YOU ASKED FOR TURKISH TRACES"
869allingus2003-12-20The riddle of Babel: Language's missing link
870Geraldine Reinhardt2003-12-20Re: The riddle of Babel: Language's missing link
871Geraldine Reinhardt2003-12-30Re: seperate evolution
872Marco Moretti2004-02-09Is anybody here?
873Richard Wordingham2004-02-09Re: Is anybody here?
874Geraldine Reinhardt2004-02-09Re: Is anybody here?
875Geraldine Reinhardt2004-02-09Fw: [nostratic] Is anybody here?
876Richard Wordingham2004-02-09Re: Is anybody here?
877Geraldine Reinhardt2004-02-09Re: Is anybody here?
878Geraldine Reinhardt2004-02-09Human Origins and Language Origins
879Geraldine Reinhardt2004-02-10Re: Is anybody here?
880Marco Moretti2004-02-13Re: Is anybody here?
881Geraldine Reinhardt2004-02-13Re: Is anybody here?
882Marco Moretti2004-02-13Re: Is anybody here?
883Geraldine Reinhardt2004-02-13Re: Is anybody here?
884enlil@...2004-02-14Re: Is anybody here?
885Marco Moretti2004-02-14Re: Is anybody here?
886Marco Moretti2004-02-14Re: Is anybody here?
887Geraldine Reinhardt2004-02-14Re: Is anybody here?
888Marco Moretti2004-02-14Re: Is anybody here?
889Geraldine Reinhardt2004-02-15Re: Is anybody here?
890Marco Moretti2004-02-15Re: Is anybody here?
891Geraldine Reinhardt2004-02-15Re: Is anybody here?
892Marco Moretti2004-02-16Re: Is anybody here?
893Geraldine Reinhardt2004-02-16Re: Is anybody here?
894Marco Moretti2004-02-17Re: Is anybody here?
895Geraldine Reinhardt2004-02-17Re: Is anybody here?
896Marco Moretti2004-02-18Re: Is anybody here?
897enlil@...2004-02-18Re: Is anybody here?
898Geraldine Reinhardt2004-02-18Re: Is anybody here?
899enlil@...2004-02-18Re: Is anybody here?
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