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> That post, built on nothing I knew well before is very good and
almost totally convinces me, congratulations to the author of it.
However, my objection is to the fact that the Turks actually appear
near Greece (in Antolia, where they replaced the Greek-speakers)
around 1050-1100 A.D. while the Mycerian civilization was between
1400-1200 B.C. The Turic peoples did not leave their homeland until
600 AD. So there is a date discrepency. Please explain, though in my
understanding the first "Turks" were assimilated into Greek culture
very early on; but there should be a trace of their journey from
central asia at least. Also, the Eurasian steppes were dominated by
Iranian sprakers (Scytians, etc.) before the arrival of Turkic
peoples. Enlighten me please. I am a new member to this group, btw.

All this is an absurdity, a crackpot theory.
Nothing I read about pre-Greek Turks is valuable, it is all mere
gibberish. I'm rather surprised that this trash infests serious
forums deteriorating their credibility. I think that these pseudo-
studies are like TBC or leprosy bacteria assaulting a formerly sound
body. The only thing serious men of knowledge can do is to annihilate


Marco Moretti