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> Dear Marco,
> When a human being dies genes are passed on to his/her offspring.
The body is no longer around but the genetic presence certainly
> That your family is becoming extinct is certainly a sad thought.
But yes, I imagine that without siblings or offspring this is a
horrid plight. Were you also orphaned? If not, then if your
aunts/uncles had offspring there really isn't an extinction.
> Gerry

Hello, dear Gerry!

My father died two years ago. He was 89. My mother is still alive.
She is 74. All my uncles and aunts died out without offspring. The
man I call "my brother" is a blood-brother, not genetically related
with me. Three months ago I was present at the cremation of a II
degree cousin, that had no offspring. Other two cousins still live in
Piedmont, but they are more acquainted with goats than with women.
No offsprings. I chose to have no offsprings. So when I will die my
genetic line will be extinct forever.

Best wishes