Ok Piotr,
But hasn't Nostratic been analyzed ad nauseum?
It was in 1903 that Holger Pedersen proposted a "Nostratian" umbrella.  V. Illich-Svitych attempted to combine the languages in the 1960's and later Joseph Greenberg developed his Eurasiatic hyptothsis.  Valery Alekseev (Alexeev) reviewed all of this in his lectures of 1991.  Plus the Rosetta Project has been quite successful in recording all living languages. 
Granted at all languages will never be known (since for every geographic valley there exists a new dialect) and some languages such as Burushaski exist in several geographic locales, but for the most part attempts are being presently made to identify all that remain (Rosetta Project).
Plus a recent publication now pooh-poohs the Nostratic language:
<< But the question of whether Nostratic really existed has created a storm of controversy in the linguistic field. Now two scholars from Ohio State University and the University of Wisconsin have put together an edited book that includes some of the strongest arguments for and against Nostratic

Nostratic is a hypothetical macrofamily of languages which includes Indo-European, Hamito-Semitic (Semitic, Egyptian, Berber, Cushitic, Omotic, Chadic), Kartvelian (Georgian and related languages), Uralic (Finno-Ugric, Samoyedic, Yukagir), Altaic (Turkic, Mongolic, Tungusic, Korean, Japanese), and Dravidian (in India). The hypothesis is based on more than 2000 common roots and affixes, in which regular sound correspondences are observed.

Has some "major" family been left out?

BTW, is Nostratic only a "sliver" of ProtoWorld or what?  IOW, what families are included in ProtoWorld that aren't found in Nostratic?
Maybe I'm not the correct person to moderate the the new nostratic list (since there won't be anything new).
Geraldine Reinhart-Waller
Independent Scholar
author of The Alekseev Manuscript
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Please, Gerry,

If it's to be Nostratic, let it be Nostratic. There are other forums where Proto-World, human origins, palaeoanthropology, evolution, Gaia, etc. can be discussed. Nostratic is _not_ Proto-World.


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> Piotr and all,
> Shortly I shall be ready to launch the new Nostratic list.  I'm
> actually partial to the title "Nostratic Nouveau".  Any feedback? 
> What about Proto-World -- is that still a "far out" theory?  And what
> of linking N.N. to a biological model based on evolution?  Shall I
> dare mention Gaia and all that jazz?  One last kite to fly:  what
> about OoA (out of Africa) or MRE (I'm partial to MRE but with the
> evolutionary elements of OoA). 
> So many ports in a storm.  Am simply trying to assemble an
> introduction for the list.
> Gerry