Richard Wordingham wrote:

> Please keep the name in lower case when you set the group up. It
> makes much easier to type the URL or e-mail address if one has to.
> For an introductory description, why not lift, 'Discussing matters
> reconstructing the Nostratic Proto-language and the historical
> languages of the Nostratic macrofamily.' from the current group.
> Richard.

Sorry Richard, but the die has already been cast. It's carved as
Nostratic. A little extra effort on everyone's part shouldn't add
that much strees to the Carpal Tunnel. There is nothing wrong with
the old definition from the old list, but I had envisoned moving
forward into "areas unexplored" such as a link between linguistics
and evolution as well as a firming up of Proto World. BTW, is
Patrick Ryan still a member of this group? Or is he only on Cybalist?