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> Thanks for your careful reply Richard. I have read it once and
> reread it again several more times. I have snipped some simply to
> shorten this post.
> > Shame Illich-Svitych and Bomhard can't agree on how the
> and > Afro-Asiatic (= Hamitic-Semitic) plosives match up with PIE.
> (See > 'Crows and the Glottalic Theory' at cybalist.) Or are
> sound > correspondences the exception? There should be an enormous
> number of > obscure conditioned changes! Miguel will tell you that
> Afro-Asiatic > lacks decent reconstructions.
> The above has been retained for further examination. And does
> have further information about the Elamo-Darvidian correspondence?
> > There's Dene-Caucasian, which some think is relatable to
> Nostratic. Dene-Caucasian includes a Caucasian family, Basque,
> Tibetan, Burushaski and Na-Dene. There is debate as to whether
> Karen is Sino-Tibetan.
> Who are the scholars who continue holding out on a Dene-
> Caucasian/Nostratic link?
> > There's Austric, which includes Austro-Asiatic, Austronesian and
> Daic (a.k.a. Tai-Kadai). That accounts for 25% of the world's
> languages, but a far smaller proportion by population. This group
> might include the Miao-Yao (Hmong) languages. There is the
> of whether Japanese is Altaic or Austric, to which many will
> reply, 'No'. I've seen a wet finger estimate that it split from
> Nostratic-Dene-Caucasian 40,000 years ago.
> Have you gleaned any further information on the web concerning
> Austric?
> > There are the Papuan and Australian phylums, of uncertain
> > There's Amerind, over which I get the feeling there's more heat
> than light. Some of the discussion is quite vitriolic.
> >
> > I've not heard much of the purely African families -
> > Niger-Kordofanian, which incorporates Niger-Congo; Nilo-Saharan -
> > unity disputed; Khoisan - or is this just non-Bantu click
> languages?. Omotic actually shows some grammatical similarities
> nearby Nilo-Saharan languages, so they might have some relevance
> the topic.
> >
> > A mischievous thought: Can there be natural, spoken languages
> do not derive from Proto-World?
> A mischievous answer is "only if it's Other-Worldly" said I with a
> twinkle in my eye.
> > > Maybe I'm not the correct person to moderate the the new
> nostratic list (since there won't be anything new).
> >
> > There hasn't been much trouble with people straying off-topic on
> > Nostratic. The main issues have been flaming (which you've
> > dealt with) and spamming.
> Guess I'm already in. Spammers keep out.
> Gerry