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> Gerry Reinhart-Waller wrote:
> >>Shortly I shall be ready to launch the new Nostratic list. I'm
> actually partial to the title "Nostratic Nouveau".
> Or Neo-Nostratic? NostraticNet? Nostratic World?
> >>What about Proto-World -- is that still a "far out" theory? And
> of linking N.N. to a biological model based on evolution? Shall I
> dare mention Gaia and all that jazz? One last kite to fly: what
> about OoA (out of Africa) or MRE (I'm partial to MRE but with the
> evolutionary elements of OoA).
> I think it's helpful if the list-name can act as an immediate
indicator, and
> ever present reminder, of the list's principal object. So, if the
areas of
> discussion are extended, maybe the new name should reflect that.
> Jean Kelly

I agree that the list name is most important. How about Proto New
Nostratic? Frankly I'm at a loss. Nostratic World? Piotr, in his
last email doesn't want his Nostratic list to move beyond the limits
of Nostratic. Guess he feels comfortable with his familiar territory
(and there's no reason he shouldn't).