Here is something I came across in my Human Origins research (which IMO can be related to Language-Origins):

Age and Origin of the Human Species

 The speciation event that produced Homo sapiens sapiens could not have occurred contemporaneously in more than a very few individuals. It follows that those few s. sapiens would have possessed a very restricted sample of the progenitor species' genetic diversity. However, the diversity observed in current populations implies that there were never less than several thousand breeding pairs in the human ancestry (Harpending et al., 1998). Accordingly, the founding s. sapiens and their descendants must have interbred with the progenitor species (and perhaps other pre-human populations) in order to preserve the diversity which exists today.

I see no reason why both categories of Origins (human and language) cannot be related.
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If Nostratic were that important unto itself you wouldn't need to include the following in the group description:
>>, flaming, and off-topic discussions will not be tolerated. Issues that will be considered off-topic include, but are not limited to, quasi-theories that some or all languages derive from an arbitrarily proposed common source, as well as speculation about the origin of human speech. Discussions that focus on matters specific to an individual language or language family should be taken to more appropriate fora, for example cybalist or pieml for PIE. Likewise, discussions that focus on phonetics should be taken to phoNet. <<
Yes, the problem is that there is a limited number of things to discuss pertaining to Nostratic.
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> Richard,
> That is definitely not completely true.  You refused to allow
> ideas other than what conformed to your pre-established
> rules.  Mine were quite different and I had hoped we could
> exchange thoughts rather than grabbing all the marbles
> are running off someplace else which is what you and
> Miguel decided to do. 

You sacked us ( ) when I
proposed changing the text on the homepage.  Miguel left the group
immediately.  I urged people not to create a new group ( ) but,
following your (rhetorical?) suggestion, a new group had been
created by the time I got home and Piotr had endorsed it ( ).

> BTW, how is Nostratic-L fairing?

It's quiet at the moment.  There's only a limited amount to discuss
about Nostratic.  Why ask?  You're a member of it.