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ok, i'm back on my favourite hobby horse.

i was reading a history of scotland before 1000 ad, and it said thay
in ad 170, 5,500. sarmatian calvary were settled in britain at
ribchester as aliato the local legion and then as a military colony.

so does anyone know of a written document or stele or other writing
giving latin and sarmatian side by side? the romans did this with
many languages. that's how lepontic has been preserved fron as early
as 1200 bc.

I live 10 miles from the Roman Ribchester Museum.  'Bremetennacum veteranorum'

Next time I'm in the area I'll call in and check it out. There are some great pubs in the area so it's a good excuse to go.
One thing is for sure,  the presence of the Sarmartians is well advertised in their literature.
Sadly I think you are going to be disapointed document-wise for I don't believe such evidence is extant.
Leastwise it wasn't when I last paid a visit 8 years ago.


Jud Evans.

Have you checked their website?

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