Hey Marco.
I'm still around!  With all this diversity happening, shortly every list will be manned by only one person.  Since I feel that all ethnic groups  have something in common (errrr, like everyone being a human being) I like having an opportunity to converse, one with another.
Let's focus for a second on the concept of language extinction.  Does the spoken word in a particular language actually disappear or is it incorporated into another language?  Latin is a dead language but because texts written in Latin have been preserved, the language lives forever.  Some languages aren't as lucky, especially some of the lesser known African languages, and because they are not recorded many linguists view them as extinct when there are actual living people who can recall a word, or concept, or feeling, in that now extinct language.
Language and species are similar in formation and extinction.  Supposedly my family is about to become extinct because my father was the last male child and his offspring were both daughters.  However my sister has a son and daughter who will carry on the family genes and my daughter will also distribute them.  My new England dialect (I like to call it Haverhillian) has been compromised by the many different places I've lived while my sister's has been modified by New York's upper east side.
I really doubt if language extinction actually occurs. 
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> Hi Marco,
> I'm still around.
> A few souls have moved to Nostratica
> but that's not hopping either.
> Gerry

Hello, dear Gerry!

The three lists Nostratic, Nostratica and Nostratic-L
seem to be dead. There's no sign of life.
Several lists are kept active almost only by mails
like this. The only thing one can do is feeling blue.
Thanks for having joined Language_extinction!

Best wishes