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> Marco. You must be the Chosen One!
> About France becoming an Islamic Republic....if they don't curtail
> Muslim immigration, that certainly will be the case.
> Italy is promoting population control via religious
> So strange has the world become.
> Gerry

Gerry, I don't understand you sarcasm. The Chosen One?
Probably I used improper words in the description of my
genealogy. Now I realize that I used the word "parent"
with the meaning of Italian "parente" (that in English
is simply "relative"). Unfortunately I haven't a good
command of English, and similar linguistic traps are
very common. Learning Nahuatl I never met similar problems,
because grammar and lexical stuff are so alien to anything
a European person knows that "false friends" don't exist
at all.

About the Doom of Europe, France don't curtail immigration,
and a huge flux of barbarians settle here day after day.
In Italy we are governed by swines and social control
via religious threat is widespread. The only antidote to ministers
like Berlusconi, Buttiglione and Prodi would be men like Ro"hm,
Heines and Heidebreck. But even in the US there's something similar
to religious control of the masses, or Clinton wouldn't have been
impeached for an erotic practise that is demonized only because of
religious superstitious beliefs. I have heard that in California Bush
is thought to be a green-skinned alien from planet Zog. Probably its
true. I'm not a pacifist (I consider Gandhi a spreader of lies and
venoms). I'm almost the only one in my entire district who supports
Israel against the detested Palestinians. I ain't hostile to Bush for
the war in Iran (that was carried out with insufficient energy), but
for his fanatic attempts to impose chastity with any means.

I apologize for the violent off topic. Sorry if anybody considers
me a racist. My ideas are too convolutes for a similar childish
attempt of labeling.