so does anyone know of a fellow named hamori with theories of a grand
turrannian language group. he used word lists, but although this may
not be acceptable i noticed that mallory also uses word lists to
identify the sakas in indian, and scythians,

so how do we know ossettic is the descendant of scythian. malloey
identifies several altaic languages(geographically not linguisticaLLY)
sorrry my caps locked.

i had read that the hatti were not indeuropeans but if not doesn't
that undermine renfrew's theorues. the hittites seem to have
conquered the hattic area.

malory did point out the interesting bmac culture, of which i don't
think thwere is a language identified. however one wonders if they
were a kentum group they might be the intermediary between them and
the lonely kentum tocharians. the possibility that the tocharians
became the upperclass of the kushans is interesting as well, but i
believe the kushans used subject people's writing in their goverment.

so we have two isilates in the middle east the summerian and hatti?
not very symetrically pleasing but i supose there were many many
isolates thet have left no record.