whoo ti do, Glennie-poo. How goes it.

Hey, if you want some Gattaca, here you go:

Yet who could possibly have any interest in Gatteca? What with
designing a child, genetic engineering, cloning etc. Tis a galexy
far, far away. Pure science fiction, eah?

Yet "Nostratica" has a certain ring, ring. I like it.

woof woof,

--- In nostratic@..., "Glen Gordon" <glengordon01@...> wrote:
> >Or Neo-Nostratic? NostraticNet? Nostratic World?
> How 'bout Nostratica... y'know, kinda like Nostratic and Gattaca
> put together. That way we can talk about Nostratic _and_
> science-fiction at the same time! >:)
> - gLeN

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