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> Dear, dear Marco,
> If your grandparents were barren then they would never have begat
your father and mother. But hey, since you're such a good Italian
you could have been conceived by Immaculate Conception.
> Gerry

my grandparents were not barren. My paternal grandfathar had six
sons and one daughter. But only my father had an offspring, me.
My maternal grandfather had only one daughter, my mother.
Is it so difficult to understand?
An unusual thing for an Italian, I'm fiercely anti-christian,
and particularly anti-catholic. I hate popery with an intensity
found only in some nazis. Mariolatry is an anti-phallic cult for
which I feel an abysmal hatred.
As you dwell in a more civil nation, it's very easy for you to mock
somebody that is not so lucky.