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66800Richard Wordingham2010-10-24Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66801johnvertical@...2010-10-24Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66802bmscotttg2010-10-24Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66803Rick McCallister2010-10-24Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66804andythewiros2010-10-24Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66805Etherman232010-10-25Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66806Rick McCallister2010-10-25Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66807stlatos2010-10-25Re: Optional Soundlaws
66808Torsten2010-10-25Re: Optional Soundlaws
66809Torsten2010-10-25Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66810johnvertical@...2010-10-25Re: Optional Soundlaws
66811stlatos2010-10-25Re: Optional Soundlaws
66812stlatos2010-10-26Re: Optional Soundlaws
66813johnvertical@...2010-10-26Re: Optional Soundlaws
66814Torsten2010-10-26Re: Optional Soundlaws
66815stlatos2010-10-26Re: Optional Soundlaws
66816Etherman232010-10-26Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66817stlatos2010-10-26Re: Optional Soundlaws
66818Torsten2010-10-26Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66819Brian M. Scott2010-10-27Re: Optional Soundlaws
66820Torsten2010-10-27Slavery and Slave trade in Antiquity I: background
66821Torsten2010-10-27Slavery and Slave trade in Antiquity II: *xolp-/*kolp-
66823Brian M. Scott2010-10-28Re: Optional Soundlaws
66824Brian M. Scott2010-10-28Re: Optional Soundlaws
66825Torsten2010-10-29Re: Optional Soundlaws
66826G&P2010-10-29Re: Optional Soundlaws
66827Torsten2010-10-29Slave trade in Dacia
66828Torsten2010-10-29Re: Slave trade in Dacia
66829Torsten2010-10-31Re: Slavery and Slave trade in Antiquity II: *xolp-/*kolp-
66830Torsten2010-10-31Re: pulcher
66831Rick McCallister2010-10-31Re: pulcher
66832cybalist@yahoogroups.com2010-11-01File - Rules.txt
66833dgkilday572010-11-01Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66834Torsten2010-11-01Re: Slavery and Slave trade in Antiquity II: *xolp-/*kolp-
66835Brian M. Scott2010-11-02Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66836Etherman232010-11-02Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66837Brian M. Scott2010-11-02Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66838johnvertical@...2010-11-03Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66839Torsten2010-11-03Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66840Tavi2010-11-04Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
66841Torsten2010-11-05Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
66842thoresenmorten2010-11-05Herald in Homers Odyssey
66843G&P2010-11-06Re: Herald in Homers Odyssey
66844Alexandru Moeller2010-11-06Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
66845Torsten2010-11-06Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
66846Torsten2010-11-06Re: Slave trade in Dacia
66847Torsten2010-11-06Re: Slave trade in Dacia
66848dgkilday572010-11-06Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66849Rick McCallister2010-11-06Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66850Alexandru Moeller2010-11-06Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
66851Rick McCallister2010-11-06Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
66852Alexandru Moeller2010-11-07Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
66853Torsten2010-11-07Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
66854Torsten2010-11-07Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
66856Alexandru Moeller2010-11-07Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
66857shivkhokra2010-11-07Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66858Alexandru Moeller2010-11-07Re: Jordanes
66859Torsten2010-11-07Re: Jordanes
66860Francesco Brighenti2010-11-08Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66861Torsten2010-11-08Re: Jordanes
66862Alexandru Moeller2010-11-08Re: Jordanes
66863Rick McCallister2010-11-08Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66864Torsten2010-11-09Re: Jordanes
66865Torsten2010-11-09Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
66866G&P2010-11-09Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
66867Rick McCallister2010-11-09Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
66868Torsten2010-11-09Re: leudh- > Germanic > OE leode
66869Alexandru Moeller2010-11-10Re: Jordanes
66870Rick McCallister2010-11-10Re: Jordanes
66871Alexandru Moeller2010-11-10Re: Jordanes
66872Torsten2010-11-10Re: Jordanes
66873Miroslava Kluková2010-11-10Mycenaean A-RE-KA-SA-DA-RA
66874Miroslava Kluková2010-11-11Re: Mycenaean A-RE-KA-SA-DA-RA
66875Torsten2010-11-11'Die thrakischen Sprachreste' uploaded
66876Alexandru Moeller2010-11-11Re: 'Die thrakischen Sprachreste' uploaded
66877Joao S. Lopes2010-11-12Res: [tied] Mycenaean A-RE-KA-SA-DA-RA
66878johnvertical@...2010-11-12Re: Res: [tied] Mycenaean A-RE-KA-SA-DA-RA
66879Torsten2010-11-12Re: Where and how developed die Jiddische Sproch
66881patrick2010-11-13Arausio (orange town) etymology
66882shivkhokra2010-11-13Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66883dgkilday572010-11-13Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66884Rick McCallister2010-11-13Re: Optional Soundlaws (was: IE *aidh- > *aus-tr- 'hot, warm (wind)'
66885Francesco Brighenti2010-11-13Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66886Brian M. Scott2010-11-14Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66887Francesco Brighenti2010-11-14Re: 'dyeus' chronology
66888Torsten2010-11-17Another etymology of Cimbri
66889Torsten2010-11-19Re: Where and how developed die Jiddische Sproch
66890Rick McCallister2010-11-19Re: Where and how developed die Jiddische Sproch
66891Torsten2010-11-19Re: Where and how developed die Jiddische Sproch
66892Torsten2010-11-20Re: Slave trade in Dacia
66893Torsten2010-11-28Re: Slave trade in Dacia
66894Joao S. Lopes2010-11-30Germanic - maran/Gothic -mara
66895Ton Sales2010-11-30Re: Germanic - maran/Gothic -mara
66896Torsten2010-11-30Re: New way of getting Goth-
66897Brian M. Scott2010-11-30Re: Germanic - maran/Gothic -mara
66898Joao S. Lopes2010-11-30Res: [tied] Re: Germanic - maran/Gothic -mara
66899Ton Sales2010-11-30Re: Germanic - maran/Gothic -mara
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