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63700dubbelax2009-03-30Re: Thalla-tun -- was Comparative Notes on Hurro-Urartian, Northern
63701squilluncus2009-03-30Re: Omero_nel_Baltico
63702Rick McCallister2009-03-30Re: Thalla-tun -- was Comparative Notes on Hurro-Urartian, Northern
63703dubbelax2009-03-30Re: Thalla-tun -- was Comparative Notes on Hurro-Urartian, Northern
63704dgkilday572009-03-30Re: *san,W- , "judged"? "rite"?, "journey"?
63705Andrew Jarrette2009-03-30Re: PGmc question
63706Andrew Jarrette2009-03-31Re: PGmc question
63707Rick McCallister2009-03-31Re: PGmc question
63708bmscotttg2009-03-31Re: PGmc question
63709tgpedersen2009-03-31Re: *san,W- , "judged"? "rite"?, "journey"?
63710congotre o2009-03-31Re: ai to a
63711etherman232009-03-31Re: ai to a
63712Piotr Gasiorowski2009-03-31Re: PGmc question
63713Pavel A. da Mek2009-03-315 = "hand"
63714kishore patnaik2009-03-31Re: 5 = "hand"
63715Joao S. Lopes2009-03-31Res: [tied] 5 = "hand"
63716Rick McCallister2009-03-31Re: 5 = "hand"
63717Rick McCallister2009-03-31Re: ai to a
63718Rick McCallister2009-03-31Re: ai to a
63719Andrew Jarrette2009-03-31Re: ai to a
63720Andrew Jarrette2009-03-31Re: PGmc question
63721tgpedersen2009-03-31Re: 5 = "hand"
63722alexandru_mg32009-04-01Re: bhosos
63723Piotr Gasiorowski2009-04-02Re: bhosos
63724alexandru_mg32009-04-02Re: bhosos
63725Piotr Gasiorowski2009-04-02Re: bhosos
63726alexandru_mg32009-04-02Re: bhosos
63727Piotr Gasiorowski2009-04-02Re: bhosos
63728alexandru_mg32009-04-03Re: bhosos
63729Richard Wordingham2009-04-03Re: bhosos
63730tolgs0012009-04-03Re: bhosos
63731tgpedersen2009-04-03Re: bhosos
63732Brian M. Scott2009-04-03Re: bhosos
63733alexandru_mg32009-04-03Re: bhosos
63734alexandru_mg32009-04-03Re: bhosos
63735Richard Wordingham2009-04-03Re: bhosos
63736Piotr Gasiorowski2009-04-03Re: bhosos
63737alexandru_mg32009-04-03Re: bhosos
63738alexandru_mg32009-04-03Re: bhosos
63739Piotr Gasiorowski2009-04-03Re: bhosos
63740alexandru_mg32009-04-03Re: bhosos
63741alexandru_mg32009-04-03Re: bhosos
63742alexandru_mg32009-04-03Re: bhosos
63743Piotr Gasiorowski2009-04-03Re: bhosos
63744alexandru_mg32009-04-03Re: bhosos
63745Piotr Gasiorowski2009-04-03Re: bhosos
63746Piotr Gasiorowski2009-04-03Re: bhosos
63747alexandru_mg32009-04-03Re: bhosos
63748alexandru_mg32009-04-03Re: bhosos
63749Piotr Gasiorowski2009-04-03Re: bhosos
63750Piotr Gasiorowski2009-04-03Re: bhosos
63751alexandru_mg32009-04-03Re: bhosos
63752alexandru_mg32009-04-03Re: bhosos
63753alexandru_mg32009-04-03Re: bhosos
63754alexandru_mg32009-04-03Re: bhosos
63755Piotr Gasiorowski2009-04-03Re: bhosos
63756alexandru_mg32009-04-04Re: bhosos
63757tgpedersen2009-04-04Re: bhosos
63758alexandru_mg32009-04-04what is the PIE root for Latin fascia
63759Brian M. Scott2009-04-04Re: what is the PIE root for Latin fascia
63760alexandru_mg32009-04-04Re: what is the PIE root for Latin fascia
63761tgpedersen2009-04-04Re: what is the PIE root for Latin fascia
63762alexandru_mg32009-04-05Re: what is the PIE root for Latin fascia
63763tgpedersen2009-04-05Re: what is the PIE root for Latin fascia
63764alexandru_mg32009-04-05Re: what is the PIE root for Latin fascia
63765tgpedersen2009-04-05Re: what is the PIE root for Latin fascia
63766Rick McCallister2009-04-06Re: what is the PIE root for Latin fascia
63767tgpedersen2009-04-06Re: PS Emphatics
63768tgpedersen2009-04-06a/u ablaut
63769tgpedersen2009-04-06Re: Mak
63770A.2009-04-08Hermes again
63771Joao S. Lopes2009-04-08Res: [tied] Hermes again
63772Rick McCallister2009-04-08Re: Res: [tied] Hermes again
63773Cuadrado2009-04-08Problematic about etymology of Arecomici tribe
63774Joao S. Lopes2009-04-08Res: Res: [tied] Hermes again
63775Rick McCallister2009-04-09Re: Problematic about etymology of Arecomici tribe
63776tgpedersen2009-04-09More on dump etc.
63777tgpedersen2009-04-09Re: More on dump etc.
63778Rick McCallister2009-04-09Re: More on dump etc.
63779alexandru_mg32009-04-09Re: Let's forget *pu:tium
63780alexandru_mg32009-04-10Re: The e:us suffix, its origin...
63781Edgard Bikelis2009-04-10Re: The e:us suffix, its origin...
63782alexandru_mg32009-04-11Re: The e:us suffix, its origin...
63783tgpedersen2009-04-11Re: More on dump etc.
63784tgpedersen2009-04-11Re: More on dump etc.
63785tgpedersen2009-04-12Re: More on dump etc.
63786alexandru_mg32009-04-12long o: Nominative
63787tgpedersen2009-04-12Re: More on dump etc.
63788alexandru_mg32009-04-12Hittite šakruwe-
63789tgpedersen2009-04-13Re: More on dump etc.
63790Andrew Jarrette2009-04-13Re: long o: Nominative
63791G&P2009-04-13Re: long o: Nominative
63792alexandru_mg32009-04-13Re: long o: Nominative
63793Joao S. Lopes2009-04-13Res: [tied] Re: long o: Nominative (eu X oi)
63794Peter P2009-04-13Re: More on dump etc.
63795Andrew Jarrette2009-04-13Re: long o: Nominative
63796tgpedersen2009-04-14Re: More on dump etc.
63797Rick McCallister2009-04-14Re: More on dump etc.
63798tgpedersen2009-04-14Re: More on dump etc.
63799Peter P2009-04-14Re: More on dump etc.
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