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33200Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-10Re: [tied] A snappy comeback
33201enlil@...2004-06-11Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33202enlil@...2004-06-11Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33203enlil@...2004-06-11Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33204enlil@...2004-06-11Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33205Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-11Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33206Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-11Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33207Petr Hrubiš2004-06-11Camunic
33208tgpedersen2004-06-11Re: [tied] A snappy comeback
33209tgpedersen2004-06-11Re: [tied] Water, pre/postpositions, somewhat OT
33210tgpedersen2004-06-11Re: [tied] Water, pre/postpositions, somewhat OT; correction
33211elmeras20002004-06-11Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33212elmeras20002004-06-11Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33213Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-11Re: [tied] Water, pre/postpositions, somewhat OT
33214Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-11Re: [tied] A snappy comeback
33215elmeras20002004-06-11Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33216P&G2004-06-12Re: [tied] A snappy comeback
33217tgpedersen2004-06-12Re: [tied] A snappy comeback
33218tgpedersen2004-06-12Re: [tied] Water, pre/postpositions, somewhat OT
33219Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-12Re: [tied] Water, pre/postpositions, somewhat OT
33220Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-12Re: [tied] A snappy comeback
33221P&G2004-06-12Re: [tied] A snappy comeback
33222loreto bagio2004-06-13Pelicula
33223P&G2004-06-13Re: [tied] A snappy comeback
33224Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-13Re: [tied] A snappy comeback
33225Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-13Re: [tied] Pelicula
33226loreto bagio2004-06-14Re: [tied] Pelicula
33227tgpedersen2004-06-14Re: [tied] Water, pre/postpositions, somewhat OT
33228tgpedersen2004-06-14Re: [tied] Water, pre/postpositions, somewhat OT
33229Brian M. Scott2004-06-14Re[2]: [tied] Water, pre/postpositions, somewhat OT
33230Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-14Re: [tied] Water, pre/postpositions, somewhat OT
33231P&G2004-06-14Re: [tied] A snappy comeback
33232alex2004-06-14Slavic legeonU
33233Fritz Saxl2004-06-14schauen
33234Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-15Re: [tied] A snappy comeback
33235tgpedersen2004-06-15Re: Water, pre/postpositions, somewhat OT
33236Piotr Gasiorowski2004-06-15Re: [tied] Re: Old Czech hp án vs. Modern Czech pan, pán
33237Harald Hammarstrom2004-06-15Re: [tied] Re: Unreality of One-Vowel Systems (was: Bader's article
33238Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-15Re: [tied] Re: Water, pre/postpositions, somewhat OT
33239Mate Kapovic2004-06-15Re: [tied] Re: Unreality of One-Vowel Systems (was: Bader's arti
33240Harald Hammarstrom2004-06-15Re: [tied] Re: Unreality of One-Vowel Systems (was: Bader's article
33241Mate Kapovic2004-06-15Re: [tied] Re: Unreality of One-Vowel Systems (was: Bader's artic
33242Mate Kapovic2004-06-15Re: [tied] Re: Unreality of One-Vowel Systems (was: Bader's artic
33243Piotr Gasiorowski2004-06-16Re: [tied] Re: Old Czech hp án vs. Modern Czech pan, pán
33244Piotr Gasiorowski2004-06-16Re: [tied] schauen
33245altamix2004-06-16Re: [tied] schauen
33246Piotr Gasiorowski2004-06-16[tied] schauen
33247altamix2004-06-16Re: [tied] schauen
33248Petr Hrubis2004-06-16Re: [tied] schauen
33249Fritz Saxl2004-06-16Re: [tied] schauen
33250Abdullah Konushevci2004-06-16Re: [tied] schauen
33251Alvin Ekmekciu2004-06-16alb. zhvilloj
33252P&G2004-06-17Re: [tied] Re: Old Czech hp án vs. Modern Czech pan, pán
33253Abdullah Konushevci2004-06-17Re: alb. zhvilloj
33254Piotr Gasiorowski2004-06-17Re: [tied] schauen
33255Sergejus Tarasovas2004-06-17Re: [tied] schauen
33256Petr Hrubis2004-06-17Re: [tied] schauen
33257Sergejus Tarasovas2004-06-18Re: [tied] schauen
33258Sergejus Tarasovas2004-06-18Re: [tied] schauen
33259Petr Hrubis2004-06-18Re: [tied] schauen
33260altamix2004-06-18Re: [tied] schauen
33261enlil@...2004-06-19Re: [tied] Camunic
33262kishore mohan2004-06-20a professional group on ancient india
33263enlil@...2004-06-20Re: [tied] Re: Unreality of One-Vowel Systems (was: Bader's article
33264enlil@...2004-06-20Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33265enlil@...2004-06-20Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33266enlil@...2004-06-20Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33267Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-20Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33268Piotr Gasiorowski2004-06-21Re: [tied] schauen
33269Piotr Gasiorowski2004-06-21Re: [tied] schauen
33270Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2004-06-21Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33271tgpedersen2004-06-21Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33272tgpedersen2004-06-21Re: [tied] schauen
33273enlil@...2004-06-22Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33274enlil@...2004-06-22Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33275enlil@...2004-06-22Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33276Sergejus Tarasovas2004-06-23Re: [tied] schauen
33277Sergejus Tarasovas2004-06-23ruki and laryngeals
33278tgpedersen2004-06-24More water, poles, catch...
33279Mate Kapovic2004-06-25Re: [tied] ruki and laryngeals
33280Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-25Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33281Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-25Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33282elmeras20002004-06-25Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33283Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-25Re: [tied] More water, poles, catch...
33284Piotr Gasiorowski2004-06-25Re: [tied] schauen
33285tgpedersen2004-06-25Re: [tied] More water, poles, catch...
33286tgpedersen2004-06-25Re: [tied] schauen
33287Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-25Re: [tied] More water, poles, catch...
33288enlil@...2004-06-25Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33289enlil@...2004-06-25Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33290enlil@...2004-06-25Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33291etherman232004-06-25PIE *y > Gr ?
33292Christopher Culver2004-06-25Old Church Slavonic's crazy orthography
33293elmeras20002004-06-25Re: PIE *y > Gr ?
33294Miguel Carrasquer2004-06-26Re: [tied] Old Church Slavonic's crazy orthography
33295elmeras20002004-06-26Re: [tied] Bader's article on *-os(y)o
33296Sergejus Tarasovas2004-06-26Re: [tied] Old Church Slavonic's crazy orthography
33297tgpedersen2004-06-26Re: More water, poles, catch...
33298Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2004-06-26IE vowels: The sequel.
33299enlil@...2004-06-27Re: [tied] IE vowels: The sequel.
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