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30000m_iacomi2004-01-25Re: (proposal) rom. brad -> PIE *bhreg^-2 (Pok. pg.166)
30001alexandru_mg32004-01-25Re: (proposal) rom. brad -> PIE *bhreg^-2 (Pok. pg.166)
30002Richard Wordingham2004-01-25Re: Dog
30003Abdullah Konushevci2004-01-25Re: Dog
30004Piotr Gasiorowski2004-01-25Re: [tied] Re: Dog
30005Joao2004-01-25Re: [tied] Re: Dog
30006Harald Hammarstrom2004-01-25thought I pass this bookreview along
30007Abdullah Konushevci2004-01-25[tied] Re: Dog
30008Mate Kapovic2004-01-25Re: The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30009Miguel Carrasquer2004-01-26Re: The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30010Glen Gordon2004-01-26Brian's Logic
30011bagoven202004-01-26Cupid and Psyche
30012Glen Gordon2004-01-26Re: The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30013Glen Gordon2004-01-26Re: The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30014Glen Gordon2004-01-26Re: The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30015Piotr Gasiorowski2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Dog
30016Piotr Gasiorowski2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Dog
30017Glen Gordon2004-01-26Re: The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30018tgpedersen2004-01-26[tied] Re: Tor/Tur/(e)
30019Glen Gordon2004-01-26Re: The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30020Piotr Gasiorowski2004-01-26Re: The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30021tgpedersen2004-01-26[tied] Re: Albanian (1)
30022tgpedersen2004-01-26The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30023P&G2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Tor/Tur/(e)
30024tgpedersen2004-01-26Re: Satem and desatemisation (was: Albanian (1))
30025altamix2004-01-26Re: Dog
30026Abdullah Konushevci2004-01-26Re: Dog
30027Piotr Gasiorowski2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Dog
30028Abdullah Konushevci2004-01-26[tied] Re: Dog
30029Piotr Gasiorowski2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Dog
30030Piotr Gasiorowski2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Dog
30031Abdullah Konushevci2004-01-26[tied] Re: Dog
30032tgpedersen2004-01-26Re: Albanian (1)
30033Abdullah Konushevci2004-01-26[tied] Re: Dog
30034tgpedersen2004-01-26[tied] Re: Dog
30035tgpedersen2004-01-26[tied] Re: Dog
30036Joao2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1)
30037tgpedersen2004-01-26[tied] Re: Dog
30038tgpedersen2004-01-26Re: Albanian (1)
30039Abdullah Konushevci2004-01-26[tied] Re: Dog
30040Joao2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1)
30041Abdullah Konushevci2004-01-26[tied] Re: Dog
30042m_iacomi2004-01-26[tied] Re: Dog
30043Richard Wordingham2004-01-26Re: Satem and desatemisation (was: Albanian (1))
30044Richard Wordingham2004-01-26The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30045Piotr Gasiorowski2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Dog
30046Piotr Gasiorowski2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Dog
30047tgpedersen2004-01-26Re: Albanian (1)
30048tgpedersen2004-01-26Re: Satem and desatemisation (was: Albanian (1))
30049tgpedersen2004-01-26[tied] Re: Dog
30050alex2004-01-26Re: [tied] Albanian (1)
30051tgpedersen2004-01-26Nordwestblock -> England
30052alex2004-01-26Re: [tied] Albanian (2)
30053alex2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Dog
30054Richard Wordingham2004-01-26Re: [tied] Albanian (1)
30055alex2004-01-26Re: [tied] Albanian (1)
30056P&G2004-01-26Re: [tied] Satem and desatemisation (was: Albanian (1))
30057P&G2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: laguage of bird names ?= Old European
30058P&G2004-01-26Laryngeals and i
30059tolgs0012004-01-26Re: Albanian (1)
30060Richard Wordingham2004-01-26*kw, gw > ?(was: Albanian (1))
30061tolgs0012004-01-26Re: Albanian (1)
30062Piotr Gasiorowski2004-01-26Re: [tied] Albanian (2)
30063Richard Wordingham2004-01-26Re: Albanian (1)
30064Piotr Gasiorowski2004-01-26Re: [tied] *kw, gw > ?(was: Albanian (1))
30065alex2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1)
30066Richard Wordingham2004-01-26Re: Albanian (1)
30067Richard Wordingham2004-01-26Re: Albanian (1)
30068alex2004-01-26Re: [tied] Albanian (2)
30069Piotr Gasiorowski2004-01-26Re: [tied] Satem and desatemisation (was: Albanian (1))
30070Piotr Gasiorowski2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1)
30071alex2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Latin pinso etc.
30072Richard Wordingham2004-01-26Re: Albanian (1)
30073Piotr Gasiorowski2004-01-26Re: [tied] Albanian (2)
30074alex2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1)
30075Piotr Gasiorowski2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1)
30076elmeras20002004-01-26The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30077Abdullah Konushevci2004-01-26Re: Satem and desatemisation (was: Albanian (1))
30078Richard Wordingham2004-01-26Latin -si- > Romanian -s- or -$- ? (was: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30079Piotr Gasiorowski2004-01-26Re: [tied] Re: Satem and desatemisation (was: Albanian (1))
30080Richard Wordingham2004-01-27Re: Latin pinso etc.
30081Mate Kapović2004-01-27Re: The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30082Mate Kapović2004-01-27Re: The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30083Mate Kapović2004-01-27Re: The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30084elmeras20002004-01-27Re: Satem and desatemisation (was: Albanian (1))
30085Mate Kapovic2004-01-27Re: The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30086Mate Kapovic2004-01-27Re: [tied] Satem and desatemisation (was: Albanian (1))
30087Mate Kapovic2004-01-27Re: [tied] Slavic *sorka (was: Satem and desatemisation (was: Alban
30088alexandru_mg32004-01-27Against the theory of 'Albanian Loans in Romanian'
30089alexandru_mg32004-01-27Re: Against the theory of 'Albanian Loans in Romanian'
30090george knysh2004-01-27Re: [tied] Old Balkan languages (was: Against the theory of 'Albani
30091Glen Gordon2004-01-27Re: The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30092Miguel Carrasquer2004-01-27Re: [tied] Satem and desatemisation (was: Albanian (1))
30093Joao2004-01-27Dracula and his family
30094Miguel Carrasquer2004-01-27Re: The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30095Glen Gordon2004-01-27Re: The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30096Miguel Carrasquer2004-01-27Re: [tied] Albanian (1)
30097Glen Gordon2004-01-27Re: The palatal sham :) (Re: [tied] Re: Albanian (1))
30098Lisa2004-01-27[tied] Re: Tor/Tur/(e)
30099S & L2004-01-27Re: Dracula and his family
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