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6700tgpedersen@...2001-03-23[tied] Re: House and City
6701Piotr Gasiorowski2001-03-23[tied] Re: House and City
6702tgpedersen@...2001-03-23Re: House and City
6703tgpedersen@...2001-03-23[tied] Re: Etruscan and Anatolian(Tanism/Velchans etc.)
6704tgpedersen@...2001-03-23Re: Mercury and lead
6705tgpedersen@...2001-03-23Re: Mercury and lead
6706tgpedersen@...2001-03-23Re: Mercury and lead
6707Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-23Re: [tied] -tr-
6708Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-23Re: [tied] Re: House and City
6709Håkan Lindgren2001-03-23Re: Mercury and lead
6710Piotr Gasiorowski2001-03-23Re: [tied] Re: House and City
6711Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-23Re: Odp: [tied] Re: House and City
6712Omar Karamán2001-03-24Re: [tied] Mercury and lead
6713Omar Karamán2001-03-24Re: [tied] Re: Mercury and lead
6714Omar Karamán2001-03-24Re: [tied] Re: Mercury and lead
6715Glen Gordon2001-03-24gluten intolerance
6716Piotr Gasiorowski2001-03-24Odp: [tied] Re: House and City
6717Glen Gordon2001-03-24*PerkWnos' associations to underworld - Will the battle ever end?
6718Glen Gordon2001-03-24Re: [tied] The centum-word.
6719anabel martin2001-03-24house and city
6720tgpedersen@...2001-03-24[tied] Re: Mercury and lead
6721tgpedersen@...2001-03-24[tied] Re: Mercury and lead
6722Piotr Gasiorowski2001-03-24Odp: [tied] The centum-word.
6723tgpedersen@...2001-03-24Re: Arya-
6724tgpedersen@...2001-03-24Re: Mercury and lead
6725tgpedersen@...2001-03-24Re: [tied] Mercury and lead
6726M.S.W.2001-03-24A question on funeral rites...
6727Danny Wier2001-03-24I'm back...
6728tgpedersen@...2001-03-24Re: Mercury and lead
6729tgpedersen@...2001-03-24Re: gluten intolerance
6730tgpedersen@...2001-03-24[tied] Re: House and City
6731tgpedersen@...2001-03-24Odp: [tied] Re: House and City
6732tgpedersen@...2001-03-24Strange numbers
6733João Simões Lopes Filho2001-03-24Re: [tied] Re: Mercury and lead
6734Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-24Re: [tied] Re: Mercury and lead
6735Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-24Re: [tied] house and city
6736markodegard@...2001-03-24The centum-word.
6737Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-24Re: Odp: [tied] Re: House and City
6738Piotr Gasiorowski2001-03-24Re: Odp: [tied] Re: House and City
6739Piotr Gasiorowski2001-03-24Re: [tied] The centum-word.
6740markodegard@...2001-03-24Re: [tied] The centum-word.
6741Omar Karamán2001-03-24Re: [tied] Re: Mercury and lead
6742Omar Karamán2001-03-24Re: [tied] Re: Mercury and lead
6743Omar Karamán2001-03-24Underworld
6744Piotr Gasiorowski2001-03-24Re: [tied] The centum-word.
6745Glen Gordon2001-03-24gluten intolerance
6746Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-25Re: [tied] The centum-word.
6747MrCaws@...2001-03-25Re: Underworld
6748Glen Gordon2001-03-25The centum-word.
6749romilly@...2001-03-25Odp: [tied] Re: House and City
6750Piotr Gasiorowski2001-03-25Re: [tied] Number games [was: the centum-word]
6751Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-25Re: [tied] Number games [was: the centum-word]
6752Glen Gordon2001-03-25Re: Odp: [tied] Arya-
6753longgren@...2001-03-25Re: Odp: [tied] Arya-
6754Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-25Re: Odp: [tied] Arya-
6755Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-25Re: Odp: [tied] Arya-
6756Piotr Gasiorowski2001-03-25Re: [tied] Arya-
6757Omar Karamán2001-03-26Herakles and Verethraghna
6758Omar Karamán2001-03-26Re: [tied] Re: Underworld
6759Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-26Re: Odp: [tied] Re: House and City
6760Christopher Gwinn2001-03-26Re: [tied] Arya-
6761Glen Gordon2001-03-26AfroAsiatic "four"
6762Max Dashu2001-03-26Re: [tied] A question on funeral rites...
6763João Simões Lopes Filho2001-03-26Re: [tied] Arya-
6764Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-26Re: [tied] AfroAsiatic "four"
6765markodegard@...2001-03-26Re: [tied] The centum-word.
6766markodegard@...2001-03-26Waterfall oaths.
6767Glen Gordon2001-03-26Arya-
6768markodegard@...2001-03-26Re: Arya-
6769romilly@...2001-03-26Odp: [tied] Re: House and City
6770Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-26Re: [tied] Number games [was: the centum-word]
6771Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-26Re: Odp: [tied] Arya-
6772tgpedersen@...2001-03-26Re: Mercury and lead
6773tgpedersen@...2001-03-26[tied] Re: Mercury and lead
6774Piotr Gasiorowski2001-03-26Re: [tied] Arya-
6775tgpedersen@...2001-03-26[tied] Re: Mercury and lead
6776tgpedersen@...2001-03-26[tied] Re: Mercury and lead
6777Piotr Gasiorowski2001-03-26Re: [tied] Twenty.
6778Glen Gordon2001-03-26Re: [tied] Re: Underworld
6779Glen Gordon2001-03-26The centum-word.
6780Christopher Gwinn2001-03-26Re: [tied] Arya-
6781MCLSSAA2@...2001-03-26[tied] Re: Mercury and lead
6782Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-26Re: [tied] The centum-word.
6783Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-26Re: [tied] Re: Mercury and lead
6784Glen Gordon2001-03-26Mercury and lead
6785Glen Gordon2001-03-26Twenty.
6786João Simões Lopes Filho2001-03-26Re: [tied] Herakles and Verethraghna
6787jdcroft@...2001-03-26Re: [tied] Etruscan and Nakh
6788João Simões Lopes Filho2001-03-27Re: [tied] Re: Mercury and lead
6789João Simões Lopes Filho2001-03-27Re: [tied] Re: Mercury and lead
6790João Simões Lopes Filho2001-03-27Re: [tied] Re: Portuguese X
6791Piotr Gasiorowski2001-03-27Germanic decads
6792MrCaws@...2001-03-27[tied] Re: Underworld
6793Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-27Re: [tied] Germanic decads
6794Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-27Re: [tied] Germanic decads
6795Steve Woodson2001-03-27Re: [tied] Germanic decads
6796Piotr Gasiorowski2001-03-27Re: [tied] Germanic decads
6797Miguel Carrasquer Vidal2001-03-27Re: [tied] Germanic decads
6798tgpedersen@...2001-03-27Re: Mercury and lead
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