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45300patrick cuadrado2006-07-09RE : Re: RE : Re: [tied] river name Tigre
45301mkelkar20032006-07-09Evidence from the Carian language family
45302chesschance2006-07-09river name
45303Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-09Re: [tied] Evidence from the Carian language family
45304Daniel J. Milton2006-07-09Re: river name
45305tolgs0012006-07-09Re: Hamp on Alb.
45306Abdullah Konushevci2006-07-10Re: Hamp on Alb.
45307Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-10Re: [tied] Re: river name
45309Abdullah Konushevci2006-07-11Re: [tied] bildung
45310Abdullah Konushevci2006-07-11*reidh- 'to ride, go'
45311squilluncus2006-07-11Re: [tied] bildung
45312tgpedersen2006-07-11Re: Latin va:gi:na - PIE ?
45313tgpedersen2006-07-11Re: bildung
45314squilluncus2006-07-11Re: Latin va:gi:na - PIE ?
45315tgpedersen2006-07-11Re: Latin va:gi:na - PIE ?
45316tolgs0012006-07-11Re: bildung
45317Daniel J. Milton2006-07-11Re: bildung
45318Abdullah Konushevci2006-07-11Re: [tied] Re: bildung
45319Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-11Re: [tied] Re: bildung
45320Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-11Re: [tied] Re: bildung
45321alexandru_mg32006-07-11Re: Hamp on Alb.
45322alexandru_mg32006-07-11Re: Hamp on Alb.
45323squilluncus2006-07-11[tied] Re: bildung
45324Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-11Re: [tied] Re: bildung
45325tgpedersen2006-07-12Re: bildung
45326Pavel A. da Mek2006-07-12hole-builder, hole-dweller
45327Pavel A. da Mek2006-07-12Re: hole-builder, hole-dweller
45328Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-12Re: [tied] Re: hole-builder, hole-dweller
45329Andrew Jarrette2006-07-13Re: [tied] Re: bildung
45330Joao S. Lopes2006-07-13Khaos and Eros
45331Abdullah Konushevci2006-07-13Re: Khaos and Eros
45332altamix2006-07-13Re: Khaos and Eros
45333Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-13Re: [tied] Khaos and Eros
45334tgpedersen2006-07-13Re: Khaos and Eros
45335tgpedersen2006-07-13One more proposal for the identity of h3
45336Joao S. Lopes2006-07-13Re: [tied] Khaos and Eros
45337Joao S. Lopes2006-07-13Re: [tied] Re: Khaos and Eros
45338alexandru_mg32006-07-13Re: Khaos and Eros
45339Abdullah Konushevci2006-07-13Re: [tied] Re: Khaos and Eros
45340C. Darwin Goranson2006-07-13Badger = tok^sos - the builder?
45341C. Darwin Goranson2006-07-13Species Identity of PIE Squirrel (WAS Re: Live squirrel)
45342Daniel J. Milton2006-07-14Re: Badger = tok^sos - the builder?
45343Daniel J. Milton2006-07-14What language is this?
45344gprosti2006-07-14Re: What language is this?
45345Andrew Jarrette2006-07-14Re: [tied] Khaos and Eros
45346Joao S. Lopes2006-07-14Re: [tied] Khaos and Eros
45347Abdullah Konushevci2006-07-14Re: [tied] Khaos and Eros
45348Abdullah Konushevci2006-07-14Re: [tied] Khaos and Eros
45349Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-14Re: [tied] Khaos and Eros
45350tgpedersen2006-07-14Re: Khaos and Eros
45351tgpedersen2006-07-14Re: Live squirrel
45352alexandru_mg32006-07-14[tied] Re: Khaos and Eros
45353Abdullah Konushevci2006-07-14Re: Khaos and Eros
45354Joao S. Lopes2006-07-14O:keanos etymology
45355Joao S. Lopes2006-07-14Re: [tied] Re: Khaos and Eros
45356Abdullah Konushevci2006-07-14[tied] Re: Khaos and Eros
45357Grzegorz Jagodzinski2006-07-14Re: [tied] Substrate in the Baltic
45358cybalist@yahoogroups.com2006-07-14New file uploaded to cybalist
45359Grzegorz Jagodzinski2006-07-14"Fish" in Slavic
45360stlatos2006-07-14Species Identity of PIE Squirrel (WAS Re: Live squirrel)
45361Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-14Re: [tied] "Fish" in Slavic
45362george knysh2006-07-14Re: [tied] "Fish" in Slavic
45363Edgard Bikelis2006-07-14Thematic root aorist
45364Abdullah Konushevci2006-07-14Re: [tied] "Fish" in Slavic
45365george knysh2006-07-15Re: [tied] "Fish" in Slavic
45366Abdullah Konushevci2006-07-15Re: [tied] "Fish" in Slavic
45367Abdullah Konushevci2006-07-15Re: [tied] "Fish" in Slavic
45368Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-15Re: [tied] "Fish" in Slavic
45369Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-15Re: [tied] Thematic root aorist
45370Patrick Ryan2006-07-15Re: [tied] "Fish" in Slavic
45371Andrew Jarrette2006-07-16Re: [tied] Thematic root aorist
45372Edgard Bikelis2006-07-16Re: [tied] Thematic root aorist
45373Carl Hult2006-07-16Discussion of old english néotan and brúcan
45374mandicdavid2006-07-16Croatian dial.vocative accent
45375Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-16Re: [tied] Thematic root aorist
45376Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-16Re: [tied] Thematic root aorist
45377Brian M. Scott2006-07-16Re: [tied] Discussion of old english néotan and brúcan
45378Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-16Re: [tied] Discussion of old english néotan and brúcan
45379Andrew Jarrette2006-07-17Re: [tied] Thematic root aorist
45380Andrew Jarrette2006-07-17Re: [tied] Thematic root aorist
45381Brian M. Scott2006-07-17Re[2]: [tied] Discussion of old english néotan and brúcan
45382amshuman_k2006-07-17Etymology of Greek God Dionysus
45383Richard Wordingham2006-07-17Re: [tied] Discussion of old english néotan and brúcan
45384Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-17Re: [tied] Discussion of old english néotan and brúcan
45385Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-17Re: [tied] Discussion of old english néotan and brúcan
45386tgpedersen2006-07-17Species Identity of PIE Squirrel (WAS Re: Live squirrel)
45387tgpedersen2006-07-17Re: "Fish" in Slavic
45388tgpedersen2006-07-17Re: [tied] "Fish" in Slavic
45389tgpedersen2006-07-17Re: Semantic differentiation between thematic and athematic?
45390Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-17Re: [tied] Etymology of Greek God Dionysus
45391Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-17Re: [tied] Thematic root aorist
45392Joao S. Lopes2006-07-17Re: [tied] Etymology of Greek God Dionysus
45393Andrew Jarrette2006-07-17Re: [tied] Thematic root aorist
45394Daniel J. Milton2006-07-17Re: Etymology of Greek God Dionysus
45395Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-17Re: [tied] Thematic root aorist
45396Piotr Gasiorowski2006-07-17Re: [tied] Thematic root aorist
45397Peter P2006-07-17Re: Khaos and Eros
45398Sean Whalen2006-07-17Re: [tied] Species Identity of PIE Squirrel (WAS Re: Live squirrel)
45399Sean Whalen2006-07-18Re: [tied] Re: Semantic differentiation between thematic and athema
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