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37300Brian M. Scott2005-04-23Re: [tied] Re: Loans from afar
37301Joao S. Lopes2005-04-23Boreas
37302Patrick Ryan2005-04-23Re: [tied] Boreas
37303Joao S. Lopes2005-04-23Re: [tied] Boreas
37304Joao S. Lopes2005-04-23Bakkhos etymology
37305etherman232005-04-23[tied] Re: Unusual Phonolgy
37306Petusek2005-04-24Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37307Petusek2005-04-24Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37308Miguel Carrasquer2005-04-24Re: [tied] Re: Unusual Phonolgy
37309Patrick Ryan2005-04-24Re: [tied] Boreas
37310Patrick Ryan2005-04-24Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37311george knysh2005-04-24Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37312david_russell_watson2005-04-24[tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37313Joao S. Lopes2005-04-24Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37314Patrick Ryan2005-04-24Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37315george knysh2005-04-24Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37316david_russell_watson2005-04-24Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37317alex2005-04-24Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37318Petusek2005-04-24Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37319Patrick Ryan2005-04-24Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37320Patrick Ryan2005-04-24Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37321A.2005-04-24Latin help
37322Joao S. Lopes2005-04-24Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37323Joao S. Lopes2005-04-24Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37324Richard Wordingham2005-04-24[tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37325david_russell_watson2005-04-24Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37326Petusek2005-04-24[tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37327Miguel Carrasquer2005-04-25Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37328Patrick Ryan2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37329Patrick Ryan2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37330Joao S. Lopes2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37331Joao S. Lopes2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37332david_russell_watson2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37333david_russell_watson2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37334Joao S. Lopes2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37335Joao S. Lopes2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37336david_russell_watson2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37337alex2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37338alex2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37339david_russell_watson2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37340Patrick Ryan2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37341Patrick Ryan2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37342Patrick Ryan2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37343altamix2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37344Petusek2005-04-25Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37345Petusek2005-04-25Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37346P&G2005-04-25Re: [tied] Latin help
37347Miguel Carrasquer2005-04-25Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37348Petusek2005-04-25Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37349Sergejus Tarasovas2005-04-25Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37350Petusek2005-04-25Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37351Petusek2005-04-25Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37352tgpedersen2005-04-25[tied] Re: Loans from afar
37353Aigius2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37354A.2005-04-25Re: [tied] Latin help
37355tgpedersen2005-04-25Re: Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37356Miguel Carrasquer2005-04-25Re: [tied] Re: Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37357CG2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37358Joao S. Lopes2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37359Joao S. Lopes2005-04-25Etruscan names -s < Italic?
37360Joao S. Lopes2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37361Joao S. Lopes2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37362Joao S. Lopes2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37363Joao S. Lopes2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37364Daniel J. Milton2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37365Aigius2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37366Peter P2005-04-25[tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37367Daniel J. Milton2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37368alex2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37369Richard Wordingham2005-04-25[tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37370Daniel J. Milton2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37371alex2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37372Petusek2005-04-25Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37373Miguel Carrasquer2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37374Richard Wordingham2005-04-25[tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37375alex2005-04-25Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37376Joao S. Lopes2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37377Aigius2005-04-25Re: Bakkhos etymology
37378Aigius2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37379Joao S. Lopes2005-04-25Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37380Rob2005-04-25Ares etymology (was Re: Bakkhos etymology)
37381Joao S. Lopes2005-04-25Re: [tied] Ares etymology (was Re: Bakkhos etymology)
37382Richard Wordingham2005-04-26[tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37383Aigius2005-04-26Re: Bakkhos etymology
37384Petusek2005-04-26Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37385Rob2005-04-26[tied] Ares etymology (was Re: Bakkhos etymology)
37386Patrick Ryan2005-04-26Re: [tied] Ares etymology (was Re: Bakkhos etymology)
37387Joao S. Lopes2005-04-26Re: [tied] Ares etymology (was Re: Bakkhos etymology)
37388Joao S. Lopes2005-04-26Re: [tied] Ares etymology (was Re: Bakkhos etymology)
37389Joao S. Lopes2005-04-26Re: [tied] Ares etymology (was Re: Bakkhos etymology)
37390Joao S. Lopes2005-04-26Re: [tied] Ares etymology (was Re: Bakkhos etymology)
37391david_russell_watson2005-04-26Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37392david_russell_watson2005-04-26Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37393Aigius2005-04-26Re: [tied] Bakkhos etymology
37394tgpedersen2005-04-26Re: Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37395tgpedersen2005-04-26[tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37396Miguel Carrasquer2005-04-26Re: [tied] Re: Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37397Joao S. Lopes2005-04-26Ares etymology
37398tgpedersen2005-04-26Re: Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37399Peter P2005-04-26[tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
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