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37200Miguel Carrasquer2005-04-15Re: [tied] Greek -o:i
37201george knysh2005-04-15The Pontic Indics
37202Joao S. Lopes2005-04-15Re: [tied] Greek -o:i
37203etherman232005-04-15[tied] Re: Indo-European /a/
37204Piotr Gasiorowski2005-04-15Re: [tied] Stryzhak scanned and ready for uploading
37205George Hinge2005-04-15Re: [tied] Greek -o:i
37206Piotr Gasiorowski2005-04-15Re: The Thrakoid presence in ancient Ukraine (Was: [tied] Thracian
37207George Hinge2005-04-15Re: The Pontic Indics
37208Piotr Gasiorowski2005-04-15Re: The Thrakoid presence in ancient Ukraine [Was:[tied] Thracian p
37209Piotr Gasiorowski2005-04-15Re: [tied] Thracian place-names
37210Piotr Gasiorowski2005-04-15Re: [tied] Thracian place-names
37211tgpedersen2005-04-15Re: Sun salt
37212Joao S. Lopes2005-04-15Re: [tied] Greek -o:i
37213gknysh2005-04-15Stryzhak scans
37214Richard Wordingham2005-04-15Re: Stryzhak scans
37215Miguel Carrasquer2005-04-16Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37216gknysh2005-04-16Re: Stryzhak scans
37217gknysh2005-04-16[tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37218Joao S. Lopes2005-04-16Grian and GrĂ¡inne
37219Piotr Gasiorowski2005-04-16Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37220george knysh2005-04-16Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37221Piotr Gasiorowski2005-04-16Re: [tied] Thracian place-names
37222tgpedersen2005-04-16Of Vennemann's proposals
37223george knysh2005-04-16Re: [tied] Of Vennemann's proposals
37224george knysh2005-04-16Re: [tied] Thracian place-names
37225Aigius2005-04-16Re: The Pontic Indics
37226George Hinge2005-04-16Re: The Pontic Indics
37227george knysh2005-04-16Re: [tied] Re: The Pontic Indics
37228Aigius2005-04-16Re: The Pontic Indics
37229Daniel J. Milton2005-04-16Re: The Pontic Indics
37230George Hinge2005-04-17Re: The Pontic Indics
37231mkapovic@...2005-04-17Archive query - *y
37232tolgs0012005-04-17Re: Archive query - *y
37233Patrick Ryan2005-04-18Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37234Joao S. Lopes2005-04-18Re: [tied] Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37235Patrick Ryan2005-04-18Re: [tied] Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37237Piotr Gasiorowski2005-04-18Re: [tied] conclave
37238P&G2005-04-18Re: [tied] Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37239Piotr Gasiorowski2005-04-18Re: [tied] Re: The Pontic Indics
37240George Hinge2005-04-18Re: [tied] conclave
37241mkapovic@...2005-04-18Re: [tied] Re: Archive query - *y
37242Miguel Carrasquer2005-04-18Re: [tied] Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37243tgpedersen2005-04-18Re: Of Vennemann's proposals
37244tgpedersen2005-04-18Re: Loans from afar
37245CG2005-04-18Re: Stryzhak scans
37246Daniel J. Milton2005-04-18Re: conclave
37247tgpedersen2005-04-18[tied] Re: *ap-/*up-/*ip- , rivers in -r
37248Joao S. Lopes2005-04-18O:i names: - Theogony's data
37249squilluncus2005-04-18Re: conclave
37250Patrick Ryan2005-04-18Re: [tied] Re: *ap-/*up-/*ip- , rivers in -r
37251Patrick Ryan2005-04-18Re: [tied] Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37252Gordon Selway2005-04-18[tied] re Of Vennemann's proposals
37253george knysh2005-04-18Re: [tied] Re: Stryzhak scans
37254George Hinge2005-04-18Re: conclave
37255Brian M. Scott2005-04-18Re: [tied] re Of Vennemann's proposals
37256Miguel Carrasquer2005-04-19Re: [tied] Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37257Piotr Gasiorowski2005-04-19Re: [tied] Re: Of Vennemann's proposals
37258Piotr Gasiorowski2005-04-19Re: [tied] Re: Of Vennemann's proposals
37259Patrick Ryan2005-04-19Re: [tied] Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37260Miguel Carrasquer2005-04-19Re: [tied] Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37261Patrick Ryan2005-04-19Re: [tied] Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37262Joao S. Lopes2005-04-19Iapetos = Iafet
37263Miguel Carrasquer2005-04-20Re: [tied] Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37264Patrick Ryan2005-04-20Re: [tied] Dissimilation of gW/kWVw to gVw/kVw
37265tgpedersen2005-04-20[tied] Re: Of Vennemann's proposals
37266Piotr Gasiorowski2005-04-20Re: [tied] Re: Of Vennemann's proposals
37267squilluncus2005-04-20Re: Nemo saltat ... (was: conclave)
37268alex2005-04-20Re: [tied] Re: Nemo saltat ... (was: conclave)
37269squilluncus2005-04-20Re: Nemo saltat ... (was: conclave)
37270alex2005-04-20Re: [tied] Re: Nemo saltat ... (was: conclave)
37271alex2005-04-20Re: [tied] Re: Nemo saltat ... (was: conclave)
37272Daniel J. Milton2005-04-20Re: Nemo saltat ... (was: conclave)
37273squilluncus2005-04-20Re: Nemo saltat ... (was: conclave)
37274Patrick Ryan2005-04-20Re: [tied] Re: Nemo saltat ... (was: conclave)
37275squilluncus2005-04-20Re: Nemo saltat ... (was: conclave)
37276Patrick Ryan2005-04-20Unusual Phonolgy
37277aquila_grande2005-04-20Re: Unusual Phonolgy
37278etherman232005-04-21Re: Unusual Phonolgy
37279Patrick Ryan2005-04-21Re: [tied] Re: Unusual Phonolgy
37280P&G2005-04-21Re: [tied] Re: Nemo saltat ... (was: conclave)
37281tgpedersen2005-04-21[tied] Re: Of Vennemann's proposals
37282tgpedersen2005-04-21Re: Loans from afar
37284Miguel Carrasquer2005-04-21Re: [tied] Re: Unusual Phonolgy
37285Patrick Ryan2005-04-21Re: [tied] Re: Unusual Phonolgy
37286Brian M. Scott2005-04-21Re: [tied] Re: Loans from afar
37287Patrick Ryan2005-04-21Re: [tied] Pigs
37288Miguel Carrasquer2005-04-21Re: [tied] Re: Unusual Phonolgy
37289Piotr Gasiorowski2005-04-22Re: [tied] Pigs
37290Daniel J. Milton2005-04-22Re: [tied] Pigs
37291A.2005-04-22North Italic - Teiwa ?
37292nasoskonstantinou2005-04-22POSSIBLE ETYMOLOGY OF "KAIADAS"
37293tgpedersen2005-04-23Re: [tied] Pigs
37294tgpedersen2005-04-23[tied] Re: Loans from afar
37295Piotr Gasiorowski2005-04-23Short absence note [from the listowner]
37296Patrick Ryan2005-04-23Re: [tied] Pigs
37297Petusek2005-04-23Stryzhak scans
37298elmeras20002005-04-23[tied] Re: Loans from afar
37299Richard Wordingham2005-04-23Re: Stryzhak scans
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