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500Gerry2003-03-19Re: English-Bunaba-Burarra word list
501Geraldine Reinhardt2003-03-19Re: Inventory of Australian languages as per Ethnologue
502Gerry2003-03-19Re: English-Bunaba-Burarra word list
503H.M. Hubey2003-03-20[Fwd:] In Click Languages, an Echo of the Tongues of the Ancients]
504tgpedersen2003-03-20Re: More *k-r- turning
505H.M. Hubey2003-03-23[Fwd:Re: In Click Languages, an Echo of the Tongues of the Ancients
506Gerry2003-03-24[Fwd:Re: In Click Languages, an Echo of the Tongues of the Ancients
507Gerry2003-03-24[Fwd:Re: In Click Languages, an Echo of the Tongues of the Ancients
508Geraldine Reinhardt2003-03-24Re: [language-origins] Fw: [Nostratica] [Fwd:Re: In Click Languages
509H.M. Hubey2003-03-30[Fwd: 14.934, Review: Historical Linguistics: Carpelan, et al. (200
510H.M. Hubey2003-03-31[Fwd: Evolutionary Psychology: An International Journal of Evolutio
511ERobert52@...2003-04-01Greenberg, Volume 2
512Gerry2003-04-03Re: Greenberg, Volume 2
513ERobert52@...2003-04-04Re: Greenberg, Volume 2
514H.M. Hubey2003-04-11Re: In Click Languages, an Echo of the Tongues of the Ancients
515H.M. Hubey2003-04-11[Fwd: In Click Languages, an Echo of the Tongues of the Ancients]
516John2003-04-13Loss of Priceless World Heritage
517H.M. Hubey2003-04-15[Fwd: Re: [evol-psych] In Click Languages, an Echo of the Tongues o
518Geraldine Reinhardt2003-04-15Re: [Fwd: Re: [evol-psych] In Click Languages, an Echo of the Tongu
519H.M. Hubey2003-04-19[Fwd:'Earliest writing' found in China]
520H.M. Hubey2003-04-26manar=fener
521H.M. Hubey2003-04-26Discovery Channel :: Study: 'Eve' Came From East Africa
522Geraldine Reinhardt2003-04-28Fw: [language-origins] Origin of the Sumerian language
523Ben McGarr2003-04-29Buru Yen
524Gerry2003-05-04Re: Buru Yen
525Ben McGarr2003-05-04Re: Buru Yen
526jeffco2003-05-05Buru Yen
527Gerry2003-05-05Re: Buru Yen
528Ben McGarr2003-05-05Re: Buru Yen
529Gerry2003-05-05Re: Buru Yen
530Gerry2003-05-07Glen Gordon
531rmccalli@...2003-05-14Greenberg's Eurasiatic Vol. II
532hubeyh2003-05-15Tarkhan in Egypt
533Geraldine Reinhardt2003-05-16Re: Tarkhan in Egypt
534H.M. Hubey2003-05-16Re: Tarkhan in Egypt
535Piotr Gasiorowski2003-05-16Re: Tarkhan in Egypt
536H.M. Hubey2003-05-16Discovery Channel :: Rome Named After A Woman?
537Geraldine Reinhardt2003-05-16Re: Tarkhan in Egypt
538H.M. Hubey2003-05-16Tarkhan
539camilla_sayf2003-05-22Ancient Egyptian vs Indo-European & Nostratic
540jeffco2003-05-22Nostratica (off list) - Ancient Egyptian vs Indo-European & Nostrat
541Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2003-05-22Re: [pieml] Ancient Egyptian vs Indo-European
542rmccalli@...2003-05-22Re: [pieml] Ancient Egyptian vs Indo-European
543H.M. Hubey2003-05-22[Fwd: [Fwd: Re: Bomhard book]]
544H.M. Hubey2003-05-23[Fwd: [evol-psych] 'Oldest sculpture' found in Morocco]
545Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-26Tour (1)
546Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-26Tour (2)
547rmccalli@...2003-05-26Re: Tour (1)
548Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-27Greenberg Africa
549Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-27Tour (3)
550Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-27Tour (4)
551H.M. Hubey2003-05-28[Fwd: [ Scientists use DNA fragments to trace the migration of mode
552Rob2003-05-30Re: Tour (1)
553Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-30Re: Tour (1)
554Rob2003-05-30Re: Tour (1)
555Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-31Tour (5)
556Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-31Re: Tour (1)
557H.M. Hubey2003-05-31Re: Tour (1)
558Rob2003-05-31Re: Tour (1)
559Rob2003-05-31Re: Tour (1)
560H.M. Hubey2003-05-31Re: Tour (1)
561H.M. Hubey2003-05-31chuvash
562Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-31Re: Tour (1)
563magwich782003-05-31Re: Tour (1)
564Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-31Re: Tour (1)
565Miguel Carrasquer2003-05-31Tour (6)
566Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-01Tour (7)
567H.M. Hubey2003-06-01[Fwd: Algorithms for Language Reconstruction.]
568H.M. Hubey2003-06-01[Fwd: Cognates]
569H.M. Hubey2003-06-01[Fwd: Ringe's Method etc]
570Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-02Tour (8)
571Rob2003-06-02Re: Tour (7)
572erobert52@...2003-06-02Re: Tour (6)
573tgpedersen2003-06-02Re: Tour (5)
574Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-02Re: Tour (7)
575Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-02Re: Tour (6)
576Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-02Tour (and 9)
577Rob2003-06-03Re: Tour (7)
578Rob2003-06-03Re: Tour (6)
579Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-03Re: Tour (7)
580John2003-06-04Re: Fw: [language-origins] Origin of the Sumerian language
581Gerry2003-06-06Re: Fw: [language-origins] Origin of the Sumerian language
582Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-06Re: Fw: [language-origins] Origin of the Sumerian language
583Gerry2003-06-06Re: Fw: [language-origins] Origin of the Sumerian language
584Geraldine Reinhardt2003-06-07Re: A New Look at Origins of Species
585Richard Wordingham2003-06-09Re: Tour (and 9)
586Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-09Re: Tour (and 9)
587Alexander Stolbov2003-06-09Re: Tour (and 9)
588Richard Wordingham2003-06-09Re: A New Look at Origins of Species
589Gerry2003-06-09Re: A New Look at Origins of Species
590Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-09Re: Tour (and 9)
591tgpedersen2003-06-10Re: Tour (5)
592erobert52@...2003-06-10Re: Tour (6)
593itazura940432003-06-10Origins of Flexion
594Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-10Re: Tour (5)
595tgpedersen2003-06-10Re: Tour (5)
596Miguel Carrasquer2003-06-10Re: Tour (5)
597Richard Wordingham2003-06-11Re: Tour (5)
598Richard Wordingham2003-06-11Re: Tour (5)
599tgpedersen2003-06-11Re: Tour (5)
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