Richard, I shall pass your reply onto Bala Pillai in Sydney,
Australia ( and will keep you informed
if this discussion continues.


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> I strongly doubt that John is pleased by the invitation to peruse
> Akandabaratam. If the results are anything like Dr Loga's
> series, 'Bagavath Gita as Archaic Tamil', which was being posted in
> January 2003, he will be wading through tripe. The Bhagavad Gita
> of course, in Sanskrit. A refutation of his analyses (one verse
> only) is sitting on my 'to do' list, though I fear it will be a
> of time.
> This does not mean I believe there is no connection between Tamil
> Sumerian, merely that on past form I expect Dr Loga to produce
> many false links. However, it is to his credit that he does not
> invent new readings of the Sumerian symbols to fit his theory.
> I believe an academic paper has recently been published on Indo-
> European loans in Sumerian. Does this do anything to weaken the
> evidence that Sumerian is indeed a Nostratic language?
> Richard.