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> Yes, I will be pleased to forward this to John Croft yet the only
places I'm able to reach him are at two egroups: cybalist &
nostratica (but I will do so).
> Anyhow, your akandabaratam@yahoogroups.com doesn't provide any
> Croft is an excellent linguist. You haven't provided any of Dr.
Loga's archives.

I strongly doubt that John is pleased by the invitation to peruse
Akandabaratam. If the results are anything like Dr Loga's
series, 'Bagavath Gita as Archaic Tamil', which was being posted in
January 2003, he will be wading through tripe. The Bhagavad Gita is,
of course, in Sanskrit. A refutation of his analyses (one verse
only) is sitting on my 'to do' list, though I fear it will be a waste
of time.

This does not mean I believe there is no connection between Tamil and
Sumerian, merely that on past form I expect Dr Loga to produce many,
many false links. However, it is to his credit that he does not
invent new readings of the Sumerian symbols to fit his theory.

I believe an academic paper has recently been published on Indo-
European loans in Sumerian. Does this do anything to weaken the
evidence that Sumerian is indeed a Nostratic language?