Miguel, I have read your Tours with a great interest, but hesitated to start asking my (probably naive) questions.
Now they follow:
1) How do you think the results of you investigation depend on the fact that a few "classical" Nostratic families (Altaic, Dravidian, Elamic) were not taken into account? You did explain why, and I hope that soon you will be able to include them in the review. Should we expect a considerable correction of the conclusions?
2) You took into the consideration a number of disputable members of the Nostratic superfamily - Etruscan, Sumerian, Basque, Eskimo-Aleut.
How would you rank them taking as the criterion the probability that each of them belong to this superfamily in reality?
(Just for example: most probably - Etruscan, then Sumerian, then Eskimo-Aleut, minimal probability - Basque. If you could estimate these probabilities quantitatively it would be great)
3) How sensitive are your conclusions to the presence of these hypothetical members in the investigated group? What would change if we exclude them?
4) How do you imagine the inner structure of the Nostratic superfamily?
(For example:        PN
                    /  \
                 Af-As   \  
                        /  \
                      /      \
                  West-N    East-N
                  /   \      /  |  \
             Kartv.   IE   /    |    \
                         /      |      \
                      Drav.   Ural.  Altaic )
5) And what about the inner structure of Afro-Asiatic?
Warm regards,
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>In view of Piotr's personal attack on the relatedness of  Basque and
>Georgian at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cybalist/message/22876 , I
>am impelled to ask.  Do you think Basque and Georgian are related,
>albeit only in the context of the Nostratic group?

In the context of Nostratic, I'd say probably yes.  The Basque personal
pronouns/affixes are so similar to the Afro-Asiatic ones, that there must
in my opinion be a relationship somehow.  Especially the existence in
Basque of a 2nd. p. sg. feminine suffix *-n(a)- (cf. Berber/Chadic *-m), in
a language that otherwise doesn't mark the feminine gender anywhere is

I don't think there's any special relationship between Basque and Georgian.
About the only thing that is worth noting is Basque gu, -gu "we" vs.
Kartvelian *gw- "us" (in the verb).

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal