In the book, An Encyclopedia of the Ancient World, p. 111 it says

.....This shirt was found in the tomb of Tarkhan. It was made nearly
5,000 years ago during the reign of the pharaoh Djet. The fabric is
linen and there are pleats across shoulders.....

There is a Tarchon of the Etruscans, and there is a Tarkhunzas in
Anatolia around the time of Hittites. The Hittites are circa 1800 BC.
Nobody (probably) knows how far back the Etruscan Tarchon goes but
if Herodotus knew that they moved there, it must have been before
around 1,000 BC. So the date in Egypt is before these by about 1,000

Does anyone know who or what Tarkhan is? I think this was before the
Hyksos. Is this right?