Sorry Ed. I haven't seen Greenberg's text. I also haven't heard or
read anything about it. If you or others on this list come across
additional information, we'd be most interested in hearing more about
this work.


--- In, ERobert52@... wrote:
> Hi
> I was wondering if any list members had had a look at Greenberg's
> "Indo-European and its nearest relatives Volume 2: Lexicon" as yet,
and could
> give any indications on whether they think it is worth a look at.
Is it any
> better argued or more useful than volume 1 was?
> I am particularly interested in any claimed Etruscan reflexes of
> Proto-Eurasiatic. In volume 1, Greenberg said in the introduction
that he was
> going to cite some Etruscan grammatical features in the main body
of that
> volume to justify his idea that Etruscan is a member of Eurasiatic,
but he
> never did.
> Ed.