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Sorry Ed.  I haven't seen Greenberg's text.  I also haven't heard or
read anything about it.  If you or others on this list come across
additional information, we'd be most interested in hearing more about
this work.

I just came across the title the other day when I was on Amazon. It says
it was published in May 2002, but I don't remember hearing anything about
it at the time. I have a copy of volume 1 dealing with supposed grammatical
features which the Eurasiatic languages have in common, which was
published in 2000, and which I presume people on the list are familiar with.
This volume deals with the lexicon of Eurasiatic. Personally I would be more
inclined to buy a copy if he has (or rather, had) some specific, substantiated
claims to make about Etruscan, which is one of my areas of interest, hence
my reason for asking. I wasn't that excited by volume 1 which is a collection
of interesting coincidences worthy of further research rather than a case for
the existence of a Eurasiatic macrophylum.