If you are interested in Glen's humor, have a look at Cybalist today.
He certainly is in rare form.


--- In Nostratica@yahoogroups.com, "Gerry" <waluk@...> wrote:
> Ben,
> Must have been Glen's sarcasm.
> He's not listed as a member of Nostratica.
> But his humor is definitely here (or there).
> Wherever, I like Glen.
> He was over on the old Nostratic list.
> I'll bet he's here as several aliases.
> Gerry
> > What's going on? Are my wires completely crossed? Was Glen
> > sarcastic or something?! Has he subsequently left the group, or
> did
> > he never join at all? Shame, he can be mildly entertaining at
> times.
> >
> > Ben