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> >Did Proto-Uralic have a stative paradigm?
> Yes, sort of. The instransitive-subjective conjugation has
> 1. *-k
> 2. *-n
> (details to follow)

Is this based on the Hungarian "subjective" conjugation? What
happened to the "intransitive-subjective conjugation" in Proto-Balto-

> We have the shift SOV > SVO/VSO in Western Indo-European (VSO in
> [Insular] Celtic) simultaneoulsy with a trend away from flexional
> towards isolating (English is a fine example). Why can't the same
> thing have happened in Northern Afro-Asiatic?

By "Western Indo-European," do you mean three by-then-independent
language groups (Italo-Romance, Germanic, and Celtic)? The shifts in
syntax of these groups were independent developments, I believe.
Also, German preserves SOV canonical word-order, so the changes were
not as widespread as you may think.

- Rob