Becoming an expert in 2-1/2 hours is a pretty good accomplishment.  Congrats.
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Sheesh!  I spend 2-1/2 hours preparing a word list for you, and you can¬ít access it.  Darn! J


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Thanks for your trouble but I don't have Excel on my machine.  I appreciate your effort though.  Your credentials are noteworthy:  if you in fact see no relationship between the two languages, then you are the expert (plus the owner of Excel ;-)





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Andrew Howey


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Subject: [Nostratica] English-Bunaba-Burarra word list



Here is the word list you requested.  It is a modified Swadesh list.  I had to dump it into an Excel spreadsheet because it uses IPA characters that don't show up in an ASCII text file.  I hope you find it useful.  Once again, you are dealing with languages from two different families, the linguistic relationship of which is presently uncertain.

By the way, I've never claimed to be an expert on Australian languages.  The information that I've presented is the result of web-based research.  In my introduction to the group back in December or January, I stated what my linguistic qualifications are.  Just to repeat and clarify, I am a retired U.S. Army cryptologic "linguist" specializing in German and Russian.  By virtue of knowing those to languages, I can somewhat follow closely related languages (i.e. Dutch, Low Saxon, Frisian, Serbo-Croatian, Czech, etc.)  I've had some exposure to French and Italian, but I don't claim any fluency in them.  I have no formal linguistic training and do not claim to be a linguist.  Just an FYI.

Andy Howey

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