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> Hi Jean,
> I did a file search and only found Glen mentioned in posts that
> transported here from Cybalist.
> Gerry

Oh dear, that does make me look stupid! He is always talking about
his Steppe language and its Indo Tyrrhenian offshoot on that list,
and he has mentioned what I assumed was the old nostratic list
occasionally. As far as I can see on that list, a decision was made
to move here, and I found this by Glen;

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From: "Glen Gordon" <glengordon01@...>
Date: Thu Dec 5, 2002 12:39 am
Subject: Re: [nostratic] Please sign up
>The new group has been launched:
>Please sign up so we can continue our conversations.

I signed up. I'm behind ya, Gerry!

- gLeN


What's going on? Are my wires completely crossed? Was Glen being
sarcastic or something?! Has he subsequently left the group, or did
he never join at all? Shame, he can be mildly entertaining at times.