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68100stlatos2011-10-04PIE *dom- 'household' (was Re: Gimbutas)
68101Tavi2011-10-04PIE *dom- 'household' (was Re: Gimbutas)
68102stlatos2011-10-05PIE *dom- 'household' (was Re: Gimbutas)
68103Joao S. Lopes2011-10-05Re: PIE *dom- 'household' (was Re: Gimbutas)
68104Tavi2011-10-05PIE *dom- 'household' (was Re: Gimbutas)
68105stlatos2011-10-05PIE *dom- 'household' (was Re: Gimbutas)
68106Tavi2011-10-06PIE *dom- 'household' (was Re: Gimbutas)
68107stlatos2011-10-06PIE *dom- 'household' (was Re: Gimbutas)
68108Tavi2011-10-06PIE *dom- 'household' (was Re: Gimbutas)
68109stlatos2011-10-14Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68110stlatos2011-10-17Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68111stlatos2011-10-18Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68112Piotr Gasiorowski2011-10-19Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68113stlatos2011-10-19Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68114stlatos2011-10-19Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68115stlatos2011-10-19Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68116stlatos2011-10-19Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68117stlatos2011-10-20Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68118stlatos2011-10-20Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68119stlatos2011-10-20Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68120dgkilday572011-10-21Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68121stlatos2011-10-22Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68122Brian M. Scott2011-10-22Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68123stlatos2011-10-22Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68124Richard Wordingham2011-10-22Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68125bmscotttg2011-10-22Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68126Brian M. Scott2011-10-22Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68127stlatos2011-10-22Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68128stlatos2011-10-22Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68129Brian M. Scott2011-10-23Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68130Brian M. Scott2011-10-23Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68131george knysh2011-10-23request to Celtic specialists
68132Brian M. Scott2011-10-23Re: request to Celtic specialists
68133george knysh2011-10-23Re: request to Celtic specialists
68134Piotr Gasiorowski2011-10-23Re: request to Celtic specialists
68135george knysh2011-10-23Re: request to Celtic specialists
68136alex moeller2011-10-23Re: request to Celtic specialists
68137Piotr Gasiorowski2011-10-23Re: request to Celtic specialists
68138Piotr Gasiorowski2011-10-23Re: request to Celtic specialists
68139Torsten2011-10-24Re: request to Celtic specialists
68140Max Dashu2011-10-26Rhaetic inscriptions
68141Rick McCallister2011-10-27Re: Rhaetic inscriptions
68142Etherman232011-10-27Re: Rhaetic inscriptions
68143Torsten2011-10-27Re: request to Celtic specialists
68144Michael2011-10-28Re: Rhaetic inscriptions
68145Max Dashu2011-10-28Re: Rhaetic inscriptions
68146gknysh2011-10-28Re: request to Celtic specialists
68148Michael2011-10-28Re: Rhaetic inscriptions
68149Torsten2011-10-30Re: request to Celtic specialists
68150dgkilday572011-10-31Re: request to Celtic specialists
68151george knysh2011-10-31Re: request to Celtic specialists
68152t0lgsoo12011-10-31Re: request to Celtic specialists
68153gknysh2011-10-31Re: request to Celtic specialists
68154t0lgsoo12011-10-31Re: request to Celtic specialists
68155Torsten2011-10-31Re: request to Celtic specialists
68156Rick McCallister2011-11-01Re: request to Celtic specialists
68157gknysh2011-11-01Re: request to Celtic specialists
68158Tavi2011-11-01Re: Latin merx
68159t0lgsoo12011-11-01Re: request to Celtic specialists
68160cybalist@yahoogroups.com2011-11-01File - Rules.txt
68161Torsten2011-11-01Re: request to Celtic specialists
68162Joao S. Lopes2011-11-01Latin cucurbita "gourd"
68163Rick McCallister2011-11-01Re: Latin cucurbita "gourd"
68164Piotr Gasiorowski2011-11-01Re: request to Celtic specialists
68165Tavi2011-11-01Re: Latin merx
68166The Egyptian Chronicles2011-11-01TO KNIT---> was Re: request to Celtic specialists
68167Rick McCallister2011-11-01Re: request to Celtic specialists
68168t0lgsoo12011-11-01Re: Latin cucurbita "gourd"
68169stlatos2011-11-02Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68170stlatos2011-11-02Re: Latin cucurbita "gourd"
68171Torsten2011-11-02Re: Gmc. w-/g-, j-/g-
68172Torsten2011-11-02TO KNIT---> was Re: request to Celtic specialists
68173The Egyptian Chronicles2011-11-02Re: Latin cucurbita "gourd"
68174The Egyptian Chronicles2011-11-02Re: TO KNIT---> with various sources cited
68175Joao S. Lopes2011-11-02Thales etymology
68176Joao S. Lopes2011-11-02Re: Latin cucurbita "gourd"
68177Torsten2011-11-02Re: Latin cucurbita "gourd"
68178Joao S. Lopes2011-11-02Re: Latin cucurbita "gourd"
68179Rick McCallister2011-11-02Re: Latin cucurbita "gourd"
68180The Egyptian Chronicles2011-11-03Re: Latin cucurbita "gourd" -----> AE. "QWQW"
68181Torsten2011-11-03Re: Latin cucurbita "gourd" -----> AE. "QWQW"
68182t0lgsoo12011-11-03[OT] Dat. & acc.
68183Torsten2011-11-06Re: [OT] Dat. & acc.
68184Asvinr2011-11-07Hrafnagaldur Odins: Modern Scholarship
68185The Egyptian Chronicles2011-11-09PIE *kreus-
68186Torsten2011-11-09Re: PIE *kreus-
68187Joao S. Lopes2011-11-09Re: PIE *kreus-
68188Torsten2011-11-09Re: PIE *kreus-
68189The Egyptian Chronicles2011-11-10KHRT (CURD) was PIE *kreus-
68190The Egyptian Chronicles2011-11-10Re: PIE *kreus-
68191Torsten2011-11-10Re: PIE *kreus-
68192t0lgsoo12011-11-10Re: KHRT (CURD)
68193Brian M. Scott2011-11-10Re: PIE *kreus-
68194Torsten2011-11-10Re: PIE *kreus-
68195Brian M. Scott2011-11-10Re: PIE *kreus-
68196Torsten2011-11-10Re: KHRT (CURD)
68197Torsten2011-11-10Re: PIE *kreus-
68198t0lgsoo12011-11-10Re: PIE *kreus-
68199Rick McCallister2011-11-10Re: PIE *kreus-
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