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15900Antonio Sciarretta2002-10-03was Picenes
15901Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-03Re: [tied] *h3 (More deja-vu)
15902Miguel Carrasquer2002-10-03Re: [tied] *h3 (More deja-vu)
15904Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-03Re: [tied] *h3 (More deja-vu)
15905Sergejus Tarasovas2002-10-03Re: Wufila's
15906Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-03Re: [tied] Re: More Pliny's "Guthalvs"
15907ravichaudhary20002002-10-03[tied] Re: Pliny's "Guthalvs"
15908Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2002-10-03Re: [tied] *h3 (More deja-vu)
15909x99lynx@...2002-10-03Re: Wufila's
15910Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-03Re: [tied] Re: Pliny's "Guthalvs"
15911Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2002-10-03Re: [tied] *h3 (More deja-vu)
15912ravichaudhary20002002-10-03[tied] Re: Pliny's "Guthalvs"
15913Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2002-10-03Re: [tied] *h3 (More deja-vu)
15914Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-04Re: [tied] *h3 (More deja-vu)
15915Glen Gordon2002-10-04Re: [tied] *h3 (More deja-vu)
15916Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-04Re: [tied] *h3 (More deja-vu)
15917tgpedersen2002-10-04Re: More Pliny's "Guthalvs"
15918tgpedersen2002-10-04Re: More Pliny's "Guthalvs"
15919erobert52@...2002-10-04Re: [tied] was Picenes
15920Richard Wordingham2002-10-04Re: Pliny's "Guthalus"
15921alexmoeller@...2002-10-04the cat
15922CeiSerith@...2002-10-04Re: [tied] the cat
15923Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-04Re: [tied] Re: Pliny's "Guthalus"
15924Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-04Re: [tied] A well-founded proposal?
15925Glen Gordon2002-10-05Re: [tied] *h3 (More deja-vu)
15926Glen Gordon2002-10-05Verb extensions
15927Ben McGarr2002-10-05Re: More Pliny's "Guthalvs"
15928Ben McGarr2002-10-05Re: [tied] the cat
15929Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-05Re: [tied] Verb extensions
15930Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-05Re: [tied] Re: More Pliny's "Guthalvs"
15931x99lynx@...2002-10-05Re: Pliny's "Guthalus- "Richard Wordingham"
15932x99lynx@...2002-10-05Re: Pliny's "Guthalus"
15933x99lynx@...2002-10-05Guts and River Mouths
15934P&G2002-10-05Re: [tied] the cat
15935alexmoeller@...2002-10-05Re: [tied] the cat
15936alexmoeller@...2002-10-05Re: [tied] The Beaver and Its Teeth (Origin?)
15937Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-05Re: [tied] the cat
15938tgpedersen2002-10-05Re: Guts and River Mouths
15939tgpedersen2002-10-05Re: More numbers
15940tgpedersen2002-10-05[tied] Re: Pliny's "Guthalus"
15941Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-05Re: [tied] Re: Pliny's "Guthalus"
15942Miguel Carrasquer2002-10-05Re: [tied] Re: More numbers
15943george knysh2002-10-05Re: [tied] Let dogs have their day too (Was Re: More numbers)
15944Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-05Re: [tied] Chicken
15945george knysh2002-10-05Re: [tied] Re: Pliny's "Guthalus"
15946João Simões Lopes Filho2002-10-05Re: [tied] the cat
15947João Simões Lopes Filho2002-10-05Re: [tied] Chicken
15948Miguel Carrasquer2002-10-05Re: [tied] Let dogs have their day too (Was Re: More numbers)
15949Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-05Re: [tied] Chicken
15950João Simões Lopes Filho2002-10-05Re: [tied] Let dogs have their day too (Was Re: More numbers)
15951mothorno2002-10-05Re: was Picenes
15952Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-05Re: [tied] Let dogs have their day too
15953x99lynx@...2002-10-05Re: Guts and River Mouths
15955alexmoeller@...2002-10-05latin "ac"
15956Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-05Re: [tied] latin "ac"
15958alexmoeller@...2002-10-05Re: [tied] latin "ac"
15959Sergejus Tarasovas2002-10-05Re: [tied] Let dogs have their day too
15960george knysh2002-10-05Re: [tied] Let dogs have their day too
15961Glen Gordon2002-10-06Re: [tied] Verb extensions
15962Ben McGarr2002-10-06[tied] Re: More Pliny's "Guthalvs"
15963Ben McGarr2002-10-06Microdialects
15964Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-06Re: [tied] Let dogs have their day too
15965Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-06Re: [tied] Verb extensions
15966Antonio Sciarretta2002-10-06Re: [tied] was Picenes
15967Sergejus Tarasovas2002-10-06Re: [tied] Let dogs have their day too
15968Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-06Re: [tied] Let dogs have their day too
15969Miguel Carrasquer2002-10-06Re: [tied] Verb extensions
15970george knysh2002-10-06Re: [tied] Let dogs have their day too
15971danjmi2002-10-06Re: [tied] was Picenes
15972João Simões Lopes Filho2002-10-06Re: [tied] Let dogs have their day too
15973P&G2002-10-06Re: [tied] the cat
15974P&G2002-10-06Re: [tied] Verb extensions
15975P&G2002-10-06Re: [tied] latin "ac"
15976alexmoeller@...2002-10-06Re: [tied] latin "ac"
15977george knysh2002-10-06Re: [tied] Let dogs have their day too
15978george knysh2002-10-06Re: [tied] latin "ac"
15979Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-06Re: [tied] Verb extensions
15980Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-06Re: [tied] Let dogs have their day too
15982Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-06Re: [tied] Ulagh
15983alexmoeller@...2002-10-06Re: [tied] Ulagh
15984Keith Armstrong2002-10-07three wheeled mobility aids
15985Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-07Re: [tied] Ulagh
15986Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-07Re: [tied] latin "ac"
15987Richard Wordingham2002-10-07Re: Lith.
15988tgpedersen2002-10-07Re: Pliny's "Guthalus"
15989tgpedersen2002-10-07[tied] Re: More Pliny's "Guthalvs"
15990Sergejus Tarasovas2002-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Lith.
15991tgpedersen2002-10-07Re: [tied] A well-founded proposal?
15992Sergejus Tarasovas2002-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Lith.
15993tgpedersen2002-10-07Re: [tied] Let dogs have their day too
15994tgpedersen2002-10-07[tied] Re: More numbers
15995Piotr Gasiorowski2002-10-07Re: [tied] Let dogs have their day too
15996Miguel Carrasquer2002-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Lith.
15997Miguel Carrasquer2002-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Lith.
15998Miguel Carrasquer2002-10-07Re: [tied] Re: More numbers
15999Jens Elmegaard Rasmussen2002-10-07Re: [tied] Re: Lith.
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