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From: João Simões Lopes Filho
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Date: 2002-10-05

Fe:lis or Fe:le:s is the Latin name for the European Wild Cat. Cattus (with
Romance Gattus) was used for the domestic cat, usually considered as
Afro-Asiatic origin (cf. Nubian kadis).
Fe:lis can be cognate of OHG belihha,bilih "dormouse", Russian belka
"squirrel" and Welsh bele "marten". Or, alternatively, can be from root
*dheH- (cf. femina, felix, filius).

*p:s can be onomatopoeic.

Joao SL
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> >the latin "felis" in the group with "p:s"
> The "real" Latin for "cat" is Gattus or Cattus - hence the Romance and
> forms. Only in "posh" Classical latin is Felis used.
> peter
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